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PAP’s track record (2006 – 2010)

1. Relentless influx of foreigners: Singapore is swarmed by foreigners who now form 40 percent of Singapore’s population. Of the remaining 60 percent who are citizens, an increasing number are born overseas. Singapore PRs and citizenships are given indiscriminately to undeserving foreign ‘talents’ such as construction workers, hawkers, cleaners, clerks, masseurs and prostitutes.

2. Rampant inflation: Annual inflation of 5 percent compounded by increase in GST to seven percent makes life increasingly harder for ordinary Singaporeans, including the middle-income group.

3. Stagnant wages: After ten years of PAP rule, the median income of an average Singapore worker remains at $2,500 monthly, the lowest among First World countries. Fresh graduates have to accept ridiculously low wages due to intense competition from ‘cheaper’ foreign workers.

4. Low domestic purchasing power: Singaporeans have the lowest domestic purchasing power among developed economies, comparable to that of the Russians. Even Malaysians have higher domestic purchasing power than us.

5. Widening income gap: Singapore has the world’s highest income gap between the rich and the poor among the thirty most developed economies after Hong Kong.

6. Sky-rocketing HDB flat prices: Prices of HDB flats nearly doubled, pricing many Singaporeans, especially young couples out of the housing market, thereby forcing them to delay plans to start a families of their own.


2 Responses to “PAP’s track record (2006 – 2010)”

  1. Buetahan said

    In future, our children will remember well this page in the history of our nation building.

    It seems that the sudden increase in granting citizenship the last few years is to secure the vote of new citizens to support PAP.

    This is to counter-balance the loss of support by the new generation for PAP newblood; and that the die-hards seniors have already pass away.

  2. Perspective said

    1. Where did this statistic (60% Singaporeans) come from? Any reliable source to back this up?
    New PR/Citizenship given to “undeserving talent”. Again, what is the propotion of this, and any reliable source to back it up?

    2. Agree, GST could be abolished for essential items.

    3. It is a consequence of globalisation. Every country has it. Nevertheless, the government should look into ways to alleivate this problem.

    4. We are an importing country, with no resources to export. Naturally, we will be at the mercy of the world’s economy.

    5. See point 3.

    6. While its true that prices are high now, younger Singaporeans who want a flat have to make a compromise: get a new HDB flat in a developing estate rather than one in a matured estate. If most people choose the latter, definitely prices will become unaffordable.

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