Singapore Election 2011

Latest news and updates about Singapore's 14th GE


Singapore will be holding its 11th General Election on 7 May 2011. Find out the latest news about the election here.


5 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. analyst said

    You have my full support. I also write on the Singapore Government critically.

  2. sporean said

    Hihi, your website background color/categories text color makes it very hard to navigate.

  3. K said

    Analyst, why put blog as private if you want to write about the govt critically? haha

  4. Elijah E said

    Vote of Opposition to form
    The New People Goverment

    As your web display Opposition
    Credibility to form the next Goverment.

    The World Community,UN, Advance Democracies promotes, protects
    International Covenant of Civil
    and Political rights, International Bills of Rights, etc

    PAP applies extrajudicial punishments,
    deny freedom of informations, ies and cheat our mind, heart, and money ; Our country…..

    Act now…remove Dynastic, Despotism, Dictatorships and Tyrannies…..

    God bless


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