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Condo resident accuses Lui Tuck Yew of ‘trepass’, denies hurling vulgarities at him

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

The condominium resident whom PAP candidate Lui Tuck Yew for Moulmein-Kallang GRC made a police report against for ‘confronting’ him has stepped forward with his side of the story.

Mr Lui posted on his Facebook wall that a resident who had claimed to be an ardent opposition supporter was threatening him and his team and “calling the PAP government the worst (more vulgarities) government in the world” when they visited his condominium during a walkabout session.

Using the moniker of Xerovix, the resident denied of huring vulgarities at Mr Lui and accused him of ‘trepass’ on Hardwarezone forum.

Xerovix said he was shocked at the sudden appearance of whole ‘bunch’ of about 15 – 20 PAP members and supporters who walked into his condominium compound unannounced and started knocking on the doors of the residents.

Being a member of his condominium management committee, Xerovix shouted  at them asking who gave them the permission to enter and requested to speak to their MP.

He ran after them and confronted Mr Lui who acted ‘very fierce’ with him.

“I asked who gave him permission to come .He said “resident’ and could not tell me who. In any case it is not a license to go all over he estate. I shouted at him saying he was trespassing and he needed to have MC approval. That i was MC member and no one asked for approval.

He replied ” I know you are not pappy with PAP government so no need to be like that and extended his hand to shake mine”.

I said I will not shake his hand and shouted to him to get out of the esatte . I followed up by saying this was the worst goverment and hoped he will be voted out.”

Xerovix claimed that he overhead Mr Lui telling his entourage “Did anyone of you record the conversation” when he left.

He added he never made any threats and the ‘vulgarities’ Mr Lui referred to were words like “lousy”, “useless”, “bloody”.

His condominimum management corporation has since issued a notice to all residents not to allow any political parties to enter the compound and to remind them that they need to get MC approval. 

As a former minister, Mr Lui should know that he is not allowed to enter the compound of private properties to canvass for votes at the invitation of a single resident without obtaining approval from the MC.

It is even more hilarious that he lodged a police report over such a trivial incident and still dare to announce it to the entire world.

Read more here.


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PAP Aljunied team accused netizens of ‘slander’ that it is pressing charges against mentally challenged boy

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

PAP candidates for Aljunied GRC has denied online allegations that it is pressing charges against a mentally challenged boy who slammed a chair on a glass door during a Meet-the-People session chaired by Cynthia Phua in 2009.

In a note on its Facebook page, the team labelled the allegations and reports “slander that has been viralling online“.

“We didn’t press charges. The mother and son have been coming to MPS regularly and we had been helping them to get financial aid. We had continued to help after the incident and we will continue doing so,” it added.

The PAP candidates should provide concrete evidence to show that they were being slandered instead of throwing wild accusations at netizens.

The online allegations were made based on a New Paper report on 8 May 2009 which were being circulated around.

In the article, it was reported that the mother had returned to the MPS again with her son to apologize to the MP who was then Lim Hwee Hua. It stated that the hand-written apology by the teenager was NOT ACCEPTABLE to Ms Lim.

‘I made it very clear to (the mother) that this is unacceptable behaviour. It is not justifiable in any circumstance. There’s no excuse to be violent,’ Mrs Lim told The New Paper.

She also explained that she was not in a position to excuse or forgive the boy.

‘I was not present and the police are investigating into the matter. I believe the police will take into consideration the mitigating factors,’ said Mrs Lim.

It was very clear that though either Ms Phua or one of her grassroots leader have lodged a police report against the poor child which got him ARRESTED.

Ms Lim did not mitigate on behalf of him and the charges may be dropped eventually because there is no case against him.

The PAP team for Aljunied should come forward and explain why they need to make a police report against a mentally challenged child for an action which was committed in the spur of the moment.

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Several areas in Ang Mo Kio and Bishan were flooded

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

In a sign that even the heavens are not on the side of the repressive PAP regime, several areas of Ang Mo Kio and Bishan were flooded after a torrent of heavy rain just now.

Below are some photos posted by netizens on hardwarezone:

The untimely flooding is likely to remind Singaporeans of the spate of flooding last year which caused them alot of inconvenience and loss of income as well.

The PAP regime has earlier promised that it will do more to control the flooding, but it recur again in less than a year which will surely shake public confidence in its governance.

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SDP’s shadow health plan aims to increase healthcare budget and personnel

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

The Singapore Democratic Party has unveiled an impressive shadow health plan which will increase healthcare budget and personnel to cope with the rising health costs faced by Singaporeans at the population ages.

According SDP, healthcare under the PAP government has been one that has been  profit motivated and its 3Ms (Medisave, MediShield, Medifund) approach to financing healthcare has not been effective in meeting the rising  of cost healthcare.

During a SDP rally two days ago, SDP candidate for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC Michelle Lee quoted figures from the World Bank 2011 report which indicates that healthcare facilities in Singapore rank poorly compared to elsewhere.

Singapore has fewer hospital beds and doctors per capita than China, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria and Cuba. As a percentage of total spending of healthcare, only the governments of these countries spent less than Singapore: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cameroon, Georgia, Guinea, Laos, Liberia, Myanmar, Sudan, Togo, Pakistan and Yemen.

SDP proposes increasing the funding of the health ministry to up to S$10 billion, or two-and-a-half times the current budget. The additional funds needed will be drawn from the reserves and diverted from the defence budget and will be spent on building hospitals and increasing hospital beds.

While the hospitals are being built, SDP using the void decks in HDB flats as allocated healthcare facilities. It will also increase the number of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists as well as public health administrators.

Read rest of SDP’s shadow health plan here.

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Lee Hsien Loong: Singapore is not a one-party state

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

Faced with prospect of losing support from young IT-savvy voters, PAP candidate for Ang Mo Kio GRC Lee Hsien Loong has now tailored the PAP’s election message to win them over.

Besides making a half-hearted apology on the many mistakes made by the PAP ministers in the last few years, Lee also seek to appease young Singaporeans by proclaiming that Singapore is ‘not a one-party state’ based on the regular elections it holds.

Holding elections which are contested by other parties alone does not qualify Singapore to be a democracy. Autocratic states like Russia, Belarus and Kazakstan have regular elections as well. Even communist China has eight ‘opposition’ parties which are sanctioned by the Chinese Communist Party and are given ‘seats’ in the National People’s Congress.

“One party may be dominant, but there are six opposition parties challenging the People’s Action Party (PAP) at the May 7 polls and another 10 or 20 that are ‘for the time being sleeping, resting’.does not have a one-party system, as is evident by how open the electoral set-up is to contests from other parties,” Mr Lee was quoted as saying in the Straits Times.

According to U.S. NGO Freedom House which classifies Singapore as a ‘hybrid regime’, there are other integral components of a functioning democracy such as an independent media, vibrant civil society and effective opposition to check on the government.

Singapore does not have an independent press which has been become the official propaganda mouthpiece of the PAP regime. All grassroots organizations are under the control of the PAP via the People’s Association. There are no independent trade unions to represent the rights of Singapore workers and the opposition has only two out of eight two seats in the last parliament.

Mr Lee then quoted the ‘negative’ examples of ‘divisive politics’ brought about by democracy such as Belgium, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Though Belgium has not formed a government for more than a year, it still managed to grow by 2 percent last year, one of the highest among European nations. It did not collapse and life goes not as usual for the Belgians because the civil service is running the nation while the politicians sort out their differences.

Taiwan may have boisterous politics in which lawmakers physically fought one another in the legislative Yuan, but it has a healthy, robust and functioning two-party system. Taiwanese economy grew at near double digits since President Ma Ying-Jeou came into power and normalizes relationship with China. As for the Philipines, the problems it faces are not due to its system of government but to internal structural weaknessnes such as rampant corruption, a weak civil service and instability in its southern Muslim islands.

It is too simplistic for Mr Lee to use a few isolated examples to dismiss the merits of a multi-party democracy. There is a correlation between economic prosperity and political openness. All the thirty most developed economies in the world are democracies with the exception of Singapore.

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90,000 new citizens likely to vote for PAP, says NUS sociologist

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

According to figures from the Home Affairs Ministry, nearly 90,000 foreigners became new citizens between 2006 and last year with the electoral rolls being updated twice in a year to add them to the electorate.

New citizens are likely to vote for the PAP because they already ‘bought’ the PAP and its policies when they took up citizenship.

“When they converted their citizenship, that’s their vote already,” said Associate Professor Straughan, a sociologist from NUS.

Though there are no figures available for the exact number of new citizens voting in the coming polls on 7 May, they are likely to be more than 100,000 which may prove crucial in closely fought contests like those in Aljunied and Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. In the British election held last year, more than 80 percent of the immigrants voted for the incumbent Labor Party.The

The PAP regime has been mass-importing foreigners into Singapore since 2006 and converting them into Singapore PRs and citizens in a desperate attempt to shore up their support base.

‘Talents’ from all trades such as cleaners, construction workers, bus drivers, beauticians, masseurs and even prostitutes are granted Singapore PR and citizenship by the PAP in a record short time without a mandatory minimal period of residency as imposed in other countries. (read here)

Many of these new citizens have benefitted from the PAP’s ultra-liberal and pro-foreigner policies such as YPAP leader and new citizen from India Sinha Shekhar who subletted his resale HDB flat for rental income while living in a condominium. (read here.)

The PAP has been roping in the immigrants into grassroots organizations which are ‘breeding grounds’ for PAP activists. A Straits Times report in July last year revealed that new citizens and PRs now constitute 20 percent of the grassroots leaders in Singapore. (read here)

Foreigners now make up 43 percent of Singapore’s population. Of the remaining 57 percent who are citizens, an increasing number are born overseas. With PAP de facto leader Lee Kuan Yew promising to import another 900,000 foreign workers into Singapore, it’s only a matter of time before Singaporeans become a minority in their own country.

The coming election may be the last window of opportunity for Singaporeans to reclaim ownership of their own nation after which their voices and votes will be diluted by the relentless influx of foreigners that they will have little influence in subsequent elections with the increasing number of new citizens voting to keep the PAP in power forever.

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Khaw Boon Wan CRIED about doing his walkabouts in ill health to gain sympathy votes

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

After seeing their usual fear-mongering tactics of threatening voters backfired spectacularly, PAP leaders now changed their tactics completely by pretending to be ‘soft’ to gain sympathy votes.

It appears that CRYING is now the favorite gimmick used by PAP leaders to win over voters, with the latest PAP leader to CRY being PAP candidate for Sembawang GRC Khaw Boon Wan after Lim Swee Say and Lim Boon Heng CRIED openly on TV last week.

Instead of talking about his plans for Sembawang GRC, Mr Khaw spent an entire 5 minutes during his ‘rally’ complaining how drained he was by walking the ground because he had a heart-bypass last year before stunning the crowd by breaking into TEARS:

Mr Khaw’s ‘wayang’ did not go down too well with netizens who accused him of shedding last-minute ‘crocodile tears’ to win their votes.

Taowangus, a Sembawang resident posted immediately on the Youtube video which has attracted more ‘dislikes’ than ‘likes’:

“Mr Khaw, as a sembawang grc resident, I have always respected you as a health minister. I thank you for your contributions and hopefully that is not crocodile tears you’ve just shed. I believe Mr Chiam See Tong is in a weaker health state than yours and yet he did not discuss about his failing health and surely did not shed a tear about it publicly. Please speak to us about policies and not just how tiring it is to visit the residents.”

nkrulez scoffed at Mr Khaw’s feeble attempt to win public sympathy:

“you got a heart bypass. you have blisters. SO WHAT? you are simply doing what you are paid for. doing it to ensure your own rice bowl of what 2mil a year? if it’s too hard for you, you can jolly well quit. there are many out there more than willing to do it.”

ybblob lampooned Mr Khaw for his dismal performance as Health Minister.

“So what happens after you visit them? Do their lives become better? Do they also get $8 by pass? Go ask every single 1 of them after you have paid them a visit, they will say the same thing, it’s better to die then to fall sick in Singapore. This is the hard truth, Mr Khaw. After you long story, the truth remains the same, your health care system does not help the people who really needs it. You visit them everyday also no use, unless you and PAP change the system.”

A former Malaysian who never served a single day of National Service, Mr Khaw infuriated many Singaporeans when he floated the idea of sending Singapore elderly to retire in neighboring country which he categorically denied, but in an interview with the Straits Times on 17 April 2006, he was quoted as saying:

“My personal view is, our land is expensive. But we have nearby neighbours in Johore, Batam and Bintan. The elderly want to reach their doctors within half to one hour. So retirement villages in neighbouring countries is possible, barring the cross-border hassle. It is best to find cheap land on short leases.”

Sembawang residents who are concerned about Mr Khaw’s health should help him take a long break on 7 May.

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Massive astroturfing in ST Forum to garner public support for PAP

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

In a sign that the repressive PAP regime is on an ‘offensive’ to claw back lost support in the coming polls on 7 May, the Straits Times Forum published a total of 18 letters pro-PAP letters with 7 in the printed edition and 12 online urging Singaporeans either overtly or covertly to continue supporting the PAP!

There was NOT A SINGLE letter speaking up for the opposition despite the prevailing anti-PAP sentiment on the ground as evident by the postings in internet chatrooms and incidents such as PAP candidate Lui Tuck Yew being confronted by an angry resident two days ago.

The messages contained within these letters can be summarized as the following:

1. The PAP is not a perfect government. One should look at its ‘track record’ over the last fifty years.

2. Do not vote the opposition out of anger. Vote the PAP for the long-term survival of Singapore.

3. The opposition still doesn’t have the capability to govern Singapore.

4. Don’t take peace and success for granted by NOT voting for the PAP.

5. PAP is a caring government.

It is utterly disgusting and deplorable that the Straits Times Forum has become a forum only for PAP supporters to air their views while the rest with contrasting views are censored.

Elections are meant to give Singaporeans a choice to select their own leaders to govern Singapore for the next 5 years, be it from the PAP or any other party and not to re-elect the PAP back into power.

A clear distinction must be made between the PAP and the Singapore government. The PAP is only a ruling party. The Singapore government is much larger than that and it encompasses the civil service as well. The ministers are only there to devise policies and chart the long-term future of the nation.

Singaporeans should BOYCOTT the state media and urge your relatives and friends to do so in the next few days to strongly register our unhappiness and anger at yet another clumsy attempt by the PAP and its propaganda mouthpiece to insult our intelligence and to subtly threaten us again into voting for it.

With the two opposition MPs contesting in GRCs, there is a good chance that the PAP may win all 82 contested seats on 7 May and it will then have the ‘mandate’ to do anything as it wishes including importing another 900,000 foreign workers on work permits into Singapore for the next 5 years.

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PAP candidate Lui Tuck Yew lodged police report against resident

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

PAP candidate for Moulmein-Kallang GRC Lui Tuck Yew has lodged a police report against a resident for ‘confronting’ him during a walkabout.

In a wall post on his Facebook page yesterday, Mr Lui described the incident as the “most nasty moment of our campaign so far.” The news was first reported by TODAY.

Mr Lui wrote that a resident who had claimed to be an ardent opposition supporter was threatening him and his team and “calling the PAP government the worst (more vulgarities) government in the world.”

“He just wasn’t interested in any explanation. I certainly hope that even our most ardent PAP supporter would not resort to such behaviour when he encounters the opposition. Just so that this episode would be placed on record, we alerted the Police. Hopefully, this will be the first and last of such encounters,” he added.

It is not known if the poor resident has been arrested by the police who are super-efficient when dealing with police reports made by the PAP.

PAP leaders are infamous for making police reports over seemingly trivial matters which can be resolved amicably without alerting the police and wasting precious public resources.

In January 2009, PAP MP for Aljunied GRC Cynthia Phua lodged a police report against a mentally challenged teenager who slammed a chair against a glass door during a Meet-the-People session who was arrested by the police the next day.

Though the teenager and her mother apologized for the outburst later and beg the PAP MPs to let them off, they refuse to do so.

‘I made it very clear to (the mother) that this is unacceptable behaviour. It is not justifiable in any circumstance. There’s no excuse to be violent,’ said another Aljunied PAP MP Lim Hwee Hua. (read more here)

In March 2010, PAP MP for East Coast GRC Lee Yi-Shyan lodged a police report against an unhappy resident who reminded him of the Seng Han Thong torching incident during a Meet-the-People session. He was arrested by the police the next day and fined $2,000 for criminal intimidation.

Singaporeans who see PAP candidates on their walkabouts must treat them with extra ‘care’ lest they offend them and get hauled up by the police for questioning for no good reason.

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Goh Chok Tong: Give Tin Pei Ling ‘time’ to correct image (and earn more money as PAP MP)

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

PAP candidate for Marine Parade GRC Goh Chok Tong has urged Singaporeans to give embattled PAP new candidate Tin Pei Ling some ‘time’ to correct her ‘negative’ image.

While acknowledging that netizens and young Singaporeans may have a “negative” impression of Ms Tin, Mr Goh expressed confidence that she will “win” them over in time.

‘Just give her time,’ he said rather nonchalantly to reporters during a walkabout.

Ms Tin has been flamed mercilessly by netizens in the last few weeks over her apparent lack of substance and insensitivity. She was quoted by the media as saying that ‘healthcare and education costs are low in Singapore’ and that she has ‘no issues’ with the current PAP policies.

Many are also angry with the fact that she may be chosen to stand for elections because of her husband’s ties with the Prime Minister and the ease in which she is ‘ushered’ into parliament by hanging on the coat-tails of Goh Chok Tong.

A Facebook group “I don’t want Tin Pei Ling in parliament  has garnered more than 18,000 ‘likes’ so far in less than one week of setting up, more than that of Tin Pei Ling’s own Facebook.

Unable to get a ‘feel’ of what young Singaporeans are thinking as usual, Mr Goh said the portrayal of Ms Tin is ‘unfair’ and added that if elected, she would work on ‘correcting the wrong image that netizens have given her’.

Despite overwhelming support for Ms Tin’s opponent Nicole Seah in cyberspace, Ms Tin is likely to win on 7 May and will be getting a massive pay hike to $14,000 monthly as a part-time MP, courtesy of the ‘generosity’ of Singapore taxpayers.

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