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Shanmugam slams opposition for playing up emotions during GE

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 5, 2011

PAP candidate for Nee Soon GRC Shanmugam has slammed the opposition for playing up emotions for ‘pure political gain’ and attacked their proposals as all “somewhere between bad and downright crazy” without even bothering to debate with them.

He described this election as a fight for ‘the soul of our (PAP”s) democracy’ and continues to threaten voters with the PAP’s stale ‘fifty year’ track record of which he played no part in:

“On one side is the People’s Action Party (PAP), which has delivered decades of good governance. Because the people have put their trust in the PAP for so long, the Government has been able to ‘plan long-term, long-range, and choose the most logical plans. That has made it possible for Singapore to be exceptionally successful’. On the other side is a model in which ‘politics means arguing to work up unhappiness against policies, even if the policies are for long-term benefit'”

This coming election is a referendum of the PAP’s performance in the last five, and not fifty years for which they have been more that adequately rewarded for.

The PAP has indeed implemented several policies for the ‘long-term benefit’ of Singaporeans such as its proposal to increase Singapore’s population to 6.5 million people in 2007 which is now put on hold by Mr Lee Hsien Loong till after the election.

The civil rights of Singaporeans continue suppressed during Mr Shanmugan’s tenure as Law Minister in which the PAP introduced a series of repressive laws such as the Public Order Act last year which outlaw even a solo protest in any part of the island except Speakers’ Corner.

Shanmugam also infamously quipped that ‘Singapore is not a country but a city state’ which reflected the PAP’s shift from building a Singaporean identity to a ‘cosmopolitan’ city filled with international migrants under its perpetual rule forever.


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