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Lim Zi Rui: Singaporeans are treated as third class citizens in education

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 5, 2011

Reform Party candidate for Ang Mo Kio GRC Lim Zi Rui has lashed out at the PAP regime for treating Singaporeans as second and even third class citizens when it comes to education.

Speaking at a rally at Clementi stadium, Zi Rui said:

“Our local students lose out, lose the chance, even though they are of the same calibre. As I said earlier, why are we being treated as second class students? As second class citizens? You can see there is this inequality that persists in our society and basically this will [be very divisive] if we do not address all these issues directly and fast.”

Zi Rui was referring to the large number of scholarships pay for by taxpayers’ monies being given to foreign students by the PAP regime to study in Singapore universities, some faculties of which are fast becoming a little China or India.

“On the tertiary students…they are being given a scholarship and work in Singapore for a couple of years. This means that they are in direct competition to our local students – why are we allowing all this competition in education, but not allowing any competition in the parliament?”

Singapore men especially lose out to foreigners because of their NS obligations and the delay of two years in entering the workforce.

The number of scholarships given to foreigners yearly remains a mystery. It is also not known how many of these foreign scholars eventually relocate to Singapore permanently to contribute to the nation.


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