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Massive astroturfing in ST Forum to garner public support for PAP

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

In a sign that the repressive PAP regime is on an ‘offensive’ to claw back lost support in the coming polls on 7 May, the Straits Times Forum published a total of 18 letters pro-PAP letters with 7 in the printed edition and 12 online urging Singaporeans either overtly or covertly to continue supporting the PAP!

There was NOT A SINGLE letter speaking up for the opposition despite the prevailing anti-PAP sentiment on the ground as evident by the postings in internet chatrooms and incidents such as PAP candidate Lui Tuck Yew being confronted by an angry resident two days ago.

The messages contained within these letters can be summarized as the following:

1. The PAP is not a perfect government. One should look at its ‘track record’ over the last fifty years.

2. Do not vote the opposition out of anger. Vote the PAP for the long-term survival of Singapore.

3. The opposition still doesn’t have the capability to govern Singapore.

4. Don’t take peace and success for granted by NOT voting for the PAP.

5. PAP is a caring government.

It is utterly disgusting and deplorable that the Straits Times Forum has become a forum only for PAP supporters to air their views while the rest with contrasting views are censored.

Elections are meant to give Singaporeans a choice to select their own leaders to govern Singapore for the next 5 years, be it from the PAP or any other party and not to re-elect the PAP back into power.

A clear distinction must be made between the PAP and the Singapore government. The PAP is only a ruling party. The Singapore government is much larger than that and it encompasses the civil service as well. The ministers are only there to devise policies and chart the long-term future of the nation.

Singaporeans should BOYCOTT the state media and urge your relatives and friends to do so in the next few days to strongly register our unhappiness and anger at yet another clumsy attempt by the PAP and its propaganda mouthpiece to insult our intelligence and to subtly threaten us again into voting for it.

With the two opposition MPs contesting in GRCs, there is a good chance that the PAP may win all 82 contested seats on 7 May and it will then have the ‘mandate’ to do anything as it wishes including importing another 900,000 foreign workers on work permits into Singapore for the next 5 years.

One Response to “Massive astroturfing in ST Forum to garner public support for PAP”

  1. HH said

    I already stopped getting information form these PAP propaganda machine.My mission in life is to spread it to everyone I know.

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