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Condo resident accuses Lui Tuck Yew of ‘trepass’, denies hurling vulgarities at him

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 4, 2011

The condominium resident whom PAP candidate Lui Tuck Yew for Moulmein-Kallang GRC made a police report against for ‘confronting’ him has stepped forward with his side of the story.

Mr Lui posted on his Facebook wall that a resident who had claimed to be an ardent opposition supporter was threatening him and his team and “calling the PAP government the worst (more vulgarities) government in the world” when they visited his condominium during a walkabout session.

Using the moniker of Xerovix, the resident denied of huring vulgarities at Mr Lui and accused him of ‘trepass’ on Hardwarezone forum.

Xerovix said he was shocked at the sudden appearance of whole ‘bunch’ of about 15 – 20 PAP members and supporters who walked into his condominium compound unannounced and started knocking on the doors of the residents.

Being a member of his condominium management committee, Xerovix shouted  at them asking who gave them the permission to enter and requested to speak to their MP.

He ran after them and confronted Mr Lui who acted ‘very fierce’ with him.

“I asked who gave him permission to come .He said “resident’ and could not tell me who. In any case it is not a license to go all over he estate. I shouted at him saying he was trespassing and he needed to have MC approval. That i was MC member and no one asked for approval.

He replied ” I know you are not pappy with PAP government so no need to be like that and extended his hand to shake mine”.

I said I will not shake his hand and shouted to him to get out of the esatte . I followed up by saying this was the worst goverment and hoped he will be voted out.”

Xerovix claimed that he overhead Mr Lui telling his entourage “Did anyone of you record the conversation” when he left.

He added he never made any threats and the ‘vulgarities’ Mr Lui referred to were words like “lousy”, “useless”, “bloody”.

His condominimum management corporation has since issued a notice to all residents not to allow any political parties to enter the compound and to remind them that they need to get MC approval. 

As a former minister, Mr Lui should know that he is not allowed to enter the compound of private properties to canvass for votes at the invitation of a single resident without obtaining approval from the MC.

It is even more hilarious that he lodged a police report over such a trivial incident and still dare to announce it to the entire world.

Read more here.


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