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TNP report Bryna Sim stands by her ‘story’ that Dr Chee did try to start a ‘protest march’

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 3, 2011

Despite growing criticisms from the online community, embattled TNP “journalist” Bryna Sim continues to stand by her story (or fairy tale?) that Dr Chee did try to start a ‘protest march’ at a SDP rally on 29 April 2011 at Jurong East stadium:

Ms Sim had initially posted a comment on her Facebook to promote her two-page article on PAP candidate for Marine Parade GRC Tin Pei Ling, but ended up being flooded with criticisms from angry netizens instead.

TNP ran an article by Bryna Sim and Melvin Singh on 1 May with the misleading headlines: “Is he SDP’s loose cannon?“:

“It appeared that he (Dr Chee) was about to lead the group in a march before other party members intervened to stop it.”

It then tried to sow discord within the ranks of SDP by insinuating that some SDP candidates were ‘horrified’ by Dr Chee’s actions and tried to stop him.

Despite photo and video evidence showing that Dr Chee had never attempted to start any protest marches, Bryna Sim continues to twist and turn to wriggle her way out of trouble:

What really happened on 29 April is:

A SDP supporter travelled all the way from Sembawang to attend SDP rally at Jurong East Stadium. After the rally ended at 10pm, he requested to hang a garland over Dr Chee Soon Juan on stage. The emcee explained that Dr Chee was unable to do so as he is a bankrupt.

Dr Chee then walked to the crowd to meet his supporter and along the way, people were clamoring to shake his hand and request him to sign autographs. The other SDP supporters who were holding SDP flags were merely following him behind. No protest of any sort ever took place.

Please watch this video from 10:40 for the irrefutable truth.

Both Bryna Sim and Melvin Singh have deliberately spun a fairy tale out of a seemingly innocuous gesture by Dr Chee Soon Juan to smear him and SDP by portraying them as ‘troublemakers’.

Bryna Sim’s misleading article will cost SDP votes on 7 May and a few hundred votes will matter alot in closely fought contests. TNP readers who do not surf the internet may get a negative perception of Dr Chee and SDP which may sway the fence-sitters away to the PAP.

As SDP is focused on its election campaign, the online community has to do its part to exert pressure on TNP to publish a rectification and apologize for its mistake before polling day to undo the damage already done.

Please call TNP at 63195567 to register your disgust and unhappiness.

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