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Nicole Seah apologizes to Muslim community for remarks made by Lee Kuan Yew

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 3, 2011

Popular NSP candidate for Marine Parade GRC Nicole Seah delivered a surprise apology to the Muslim community in Singapore  for comments made by PAP walkover MP for Tanjong Pagar Lee Kuan Yew in his controversial book “Hard Truths to keep Singapore going.”

Lee has suggested in his book that the “surge” of Islam has hampered integration of the Mal

“I think we were progressing very nicely until the surge of Islam came and if you asked me for my observations, the other communities have easier integration — friends, intermarriages and so on…” he stated.

He opined that Singapore Muslims should be less strict on their religion in order to integrate better into Singapore society:

“I think the Muslims socially do not cause any trouble, but they are distinct and separate,” Lee added, calling on the community to “be less strict on Islamic observances.”

His comments sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans, both Muslims and non-Muslims alike forcing Lee to issue a statement a week later that he “stand corrected by his words.”

Speaking to a crowd of 15,000 at Mountbatten last night, Nicole Seah said:

“On behalf of the Chinese Singaporeans, I would like to apologise to the Muslim community for the comments that MM Lee made.”

The number of fans on Nicole’s Facebook has now exceeded that of Lee Kuan Yew, making her the most popular politician in Singapore’s cyberspace.

4 Responses to “Nicole Seah apologizes to Muslim community for remarks made by Lee Kuan Yew”

  1. Adrian said

    Hi Nicole, very cheeky. You have the makings of a great politician.
    Wish you the very best. Hope you succeed in this GE

  2. Ahmad Idham said

    A Singaporean Muslim’s response to LKY’s statements about Islam and Muslims in his book ” Lee Kuan Yew : Some Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going ”

    This response was sent as an Open Letter via email to LKY, Members of Parliament, other individuals in the Singapore Government & members of the Singaporean Muslim community.

    Until now, there is no official reply to this official letter. Apparently, MM Lee doesn’t feel the need to respond.

  3. Anonymous said

    Dear Nicole Seah

    I do not feel that you should use this method to promote your own popularity. Apologzing for MM Lee’s remark is no doubt one of the more effective method to gain public’s support because this remark definitely does not go well with the Muslim Community.

    Even though I may not be a Malay, MM Lee’s remark in his book, “Hard Truths to keep Singapore going.”, is to serve as a reference material to our future. Rather than using his book as a political means to gain public attention, you should have used his book as a reference material to improve the lives of singaporeans. This is because MM Lee is a living testament through turbulent times and what he had experienced, I believe that regardless of how educated, imaginative and capable you are, you may not be able to truly have a literal experience as he ever had before.

    I am neither your avid supporter nor am I the avid supporter of MM Lee. But I believe that it is a wrong approach of you to apologize on MM Lee’s remark. This is because it is very admirable of MM Lee to publish a book stating his very reasons and truth and with this remark, It definitely deserves the title of “Hard Truths” because he do not restrict himself to boundaries but choosing to offer what he had learnt and experienced in writings without prejudices.

    This remark however, does makes me have negative views about you.

    First,as a young politician, you fail to respect the senior politician.

    Second, as a young singaporean, you do not feel enough gratitude for what this senior politician had done to improve our country because other countries may rebuke against MM Lee but I believe Singaporeans must never do so as a means of respect to MM Lee because his remarks is not a direct assault in degrading the Muslim Community and as long as it is not a degradation to the Muslim Community, It should just serves as a remarks for constant upgrading.

    Last, as a politician, to resort to this method to improve your popularity in trampling over other’s “hard truths” of his own very experience, an experience that he, a senior politician and a crucial man to achieving this state of prosperity in singapore, willing to offer in form of Book to give future advice to the young singaporeans and possible young politician-to-be.

    I may neither be your avid supporter nor am i the avid support of MM Lee but I do respect what he had done to this country and I dare say that without him, perhaps we may not have achieve this state of prosperity and for Woman to be of equal standing to Man may not be achieved as well because traditional asian in the 1960s still feel that having male babies is better than female babies and that is a fact which is not to be questioned.

    The above reasons is my own personal view and while I do understand that people may not feel the same as I do but I as a singaporean who enjoy the fruits that MM Lee and my own father and his very generation provides, your apologies should never have come because it should not have been from us, the young singaporeans.

  4. Charles Ho said

    “Hard Truths to Keep Singapore” is by genre, a personal memoir, and therefore, the views as expressed in the book, are intrinsically personal, based essentially on the writer’s own views and interpretations of a set of experiences that he has gone through. Of course in this case, the writer in question is none other than MM Lee, whose set of experiences, I daresay, none of the current generation can fully appreciate in the turbulent times during our country’s formative years.

    I have been very impressed with the way you’ve carried yourself, with the way you’ve dealt with the media and their endless shelling of questions. And most of all, I’ve been motivated by your passion, to make a stand for your country. And very often, I am struck by a deep seated regret that, unless a miracle happens, it is near impossible for you to represent the voice of the people in parliament. Trust me, amongst the young candidates running, you emerge as one of those that I feel, have the courage and the tenacity to see wrong, righted, and thus, deserves my every vote to represent me in parliament.

    But I feel you should not have apologized on behalf of MM Lee. You are simply in no position to do so.

    It was a personal view that he held (perhaps still holds), communicated via a personal memoir. Everyone has the right to be entitled to his or her own set of opinions. One may not agree with that set of opinions, but that does not give rise to the necessity of one apologizing on behalf of MM Lee.

    Like what Anonymous said, Singapore would have been a very different place, had it not been the founding members, from whom, MM Lee emerges as a prominent figurehead.

    This is the first time I am responding to any such articles, and I am doing so, purely because I see such potential in you, that I feel the need for you to get feedback; very much like the present ruling party needing feedback to the policies that it intends to implement, by way of opposition within the parliamentary setting. Only when we are challenged, can we spur on to be better.

    You do not need to stoop to such tactics to win favour from the populace. We have eyes, ears and a mind to cogitate, to interpret what’s going on.

    Yes, disappointment can only happen when there was hope present. And you carry the people’s hope, well at least for me.

    Thank you for stepping up to serve.

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