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Lee Hsien Loong invites netizens for online ‘chat’ on PAP Facebook tomorrow

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 3, 2011

In a last-ditched attempt to win the support of disaffected and disgruntled young voters, PAP candidate for Ang Mo Kio GRC Lee Hsien Loong has invited netizens for an online ‘chat’ on the PAP Facebook at 8pm tomorrow:

The organizers of the event claimed that its purpose is to allow voters to “interact” directly with Mr Lee with a caveat that no promotion of opposition parties are allowed, an indication of the prevailing anti-PAP sentiment in cyberspace.

This is the first time Mr Lee is hosting an online chat as he used to eschew direct engagement with netizens, especially those using monikers in the past, preferring to use the traditional mainstream media to communicate with the people. It is not revealed if netizens have to use their real names before they can ‘interact’ with Mr Lee or if their IP addresses will be traced by his secret police.

Besides Mr Lee, PAP candidate for Alijunied GRC also posted a short video clip on his Facebook addressing young Singaporeans as ‘friends’ and thanking them for teaching him how to blog though in an interview with the Straits Times in 1995, he had said:

“Everyone should remember their place in society before engaging in political debate, and not consider themselves as being equal with the government.”

The PAP appears to have changed its election strategy midway through after days of rabble-rousing and intimidation by its paramount leader 88 year old Lee Kuan Yew who has mysteriously ‘disappeared’ in the last 2 days.

Most netizens are not impressed by the latest PAP’s election gimmick to ‘engage’ them.

Seng Sing posted on TR Facebook:

“This is called online interaction?!?! Do u remember the Class95 FM advertisment few years back?? “Hear only the good things”

Jen added:

“NO guts to engage opposition in public debates but can only do this as they can manage the quesitons and have the last say. this is obviously just an electioneering ploy to win votes. are we that dumb to be lulled by honeyed words and benevolent masks?”

Jason Low doesn’t want to be ‘smoked’ again:

“I was initially enticed by the offer to attend. However, I do think that he will dodge most if not all of my questions, answering only those that are beneficial to PAP’s interest. So, forget it. He is not worth my time. I have rallies to attend.”

Despite massive opposition from young Singaporeans to the candidacy of PAP new candidate Tin Pei Ling, Mr Lee continues to insist that she is a ‘talent’ and field her in Marine Parade GRC. And when netizens criticize her, PAP candidate for Moulmein-Kallang GRC asked her to “Shut out the NOISE and focus on the task.”

Singaporeans should spend their time more productively by attending the opposition rallies tomorrow instead of seeing their comments moderated and censored on the PAP Facebook. After all, we are merely “NOISE” which suddenly become important just a few days before the election.


6 Responses to “Lee Hsien Loong invites netizens for online ‘chat’ on PAP Facebook tomorrow”

  1. Why Why said

    Would be good if he does it more often on a regular basis rather than wait till election time. Same goes for my MP whom I see visiting my flat only once every five years.

  2. TONY KOH said

    Sorrry GEORGE…SOme ONE have to REpent / Relent
    on the 2 Casino


  3. aunty said

    I had to PAY HDB Term Contractor to repair the ceiling of my toilet. How come Mr George Yeo can promise Aljunied GRC voters to repair the ceiling of their toilet (and do other things) if they vote for him? I have Senior Minister in my GRC. Why having a Minister, a Senior one some more, I don’t get better treatment? Worse in fact.

  4. Singaporean said

    PM Lee, what is facebook huh? I prefer face-to-face chit-chat. more personalised. hiding behind the screen and having your “lackeys” to answer the tough questions is a lame act. yawn…

  5. LC said

    Calling up the MP won’t help, said a staff from HDB.

  6. LC said

    If calling up the MP won’t help, what should I do then???

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