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TNP editor: We stand by our ‘story’ that Dr Chee tried to start a ‘protest march’

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 2, 2011

Despite clear-cut evidence showing otherwise, The New Paper (TNP) continues to stand by its ‘story’ that Dr Chee Soon Juan tried to start a ‘protest march’ after a rally at Yuhua stadium on 29 April which was ‘prevented’ by fellow party colleagues Tan Jee Say and Dr Ang Yong Guan.

TNP ran an article yesterday with the misleading headlines: “Is he SDP’s loose cannon“:

“It appeared that he (Dr Chee) was about to lead the group in a march before other party members intervened to stop it.”

It then tried to sow discord within the ranks of SDP by insinuating that some SDP candidates were ‘horrified’ by Dr Chee’s actions and tried to stop him.

Thousands of Singaporeans were at the event and they could see for themselves that Dr Chee did not have any intention to start a ‘march’.

Dr Chee and the SDP candidates were thanking Singaporeans who attended the SDP rally at Yuhua stadium on 28 April as the crowd started to leave the stadium. Along the way many of them asked for Dr Chee’s autograph and wanted to take pictures with the SDP Secretary-General:

[Source: SDP]

In a statement posted on the SDP website, the party called on TNP to be ‘careful’ about how it deals with the issue, a sensible and cool response which won plaudits from netizens.

SDP candidates Dr Ang Yong Guan and Dr Vincent Wijeysingha also clarified the matter at SDP rally last night at a packed Clementi stadium.

“I wonder if this is another one of those tactics, propaganda, to dilute the show of force that is happening in Holland-Bukit Timah, Sembawang, Yuhua and Bukit Panjang…..There is NO SPLIT within the SDP.”

Even after its blatant lies were exposed, The New Paper editor Dominic Nathan said the SPH publication “stands by its story” and declined further comment.

Singaporeans should send a strong and deterrent message out to SPH that such ‘gutter journalism’ is not to be condoned and that no opposition candidate fighting for the interests of Singaporeans should be allowed to be smear, destroyed and demolished by the state media again like in the past.

The Temasek Review calls on SDP to exercise utmost restraint and ignore the provocateurs from the PAP and SPH which are obviously out to bait its candidates into making a slip before resorting to its usual smear tactics to either destroy their reputations or sue them into bankruptcy like what they did to Tang Liang Hong in 1997.

One Response to “TNP editor: We stand by our ‘story’ that Dr Chee tried to start a ‘protest march’”

  1. Lesser Mortal said

    The spin doctors are already fixing the opposition…this also was published in yesterday’s WanBao…and my father upon reading it ALSO kena conned in believing it…sigh

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