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TNP editor: Dr Chee’s ‘protest march’ at Jurong East, but it posted videos only at Yuhua and Woodlands

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 2, 2011

Despite being caught with its pants down, The New Paper (TNP) continues to twist and turn to exonerate itself from misrepresenting SDP Chief Dr Chee Soon Juan in an article titled “Is he SDP’s loose cannon?” yesterday.

In the article, TNP ‘journalist’ Bryna Sim insinuated that Dr Chee had tried to start a ‘protest march’:

“It appeared that he (Dr Chee) was about to lead the group in a march before other party members intervened to stop it.”

An irate reader wrote a complaint to TNP editor Melvin Singh about the misleading report to which he replied:

 From: Melvinderpal Singh Ishar


Thanks for your feedback. One, sdp posted videos of yuhua and woodlands. Incident was at jurong east.

Second it was the candidates who alerted me. One of them is still working with us on a photoshoot.

Third, I presented both sides of the story.

Fourth the focus was the urgent meeting sdp called to tell Chee to stop. That Chee hasn’t dwelled on.


A netizen who was present at the scene took a short video clip (watch here) which showed clearly that Dr Chee was trying to make his way through the crowd of supporters who were clamoring to shake his hands and asked for his autograph.

SDP Dr Ang Yong Guan clarified at the SDP rally last night that Dr Chee had never attempted to start any ‘march’ and it was a normal routine for SDP candidates to meet after every rally to discuss their next move. (watch here)

It’s pretty obvious even to the blind that Dr Chee had never attempted to start a ‘march’ of any sort and TNP is simply using him to smear SDP to influence voters ahead of the coming polls on 7 May.

Ms Bryna Sim and Mr Melvin Singh should apologize unequivocally to SDP and Dr Chee and resign immediately from SPH for bringing disrepute to it.

As a sidenote, Mr Melvin Singh is the TNP editor who tried ways and means to bring down Temasek Review last year with a series of misleading and fictitious hogwash to smear us.

In the meantime, a Facebook group calling for the boycott of TNP to stop gutter journalism in Singapore has garnered more than 1,000 likes so far in less than 2 hours since it was started. (Join the group here)

It is time for Singaporeans to send a strong and deterrent message to SPH ‘journalists’ that such devious and callous attempts to destroy fellow Singaporeans who are fighting to speak up for us in parliament is not to be tolerated.

Every 70 cents you paid to buy TNP will go into the salaries and bonuses of Mr Melvin Singh and Ms Bryna Sim. Do you want to become ‘accomplices’ in their quest to spin more ‘fairy tales’ to smear and discredit the opposition?

Our opposition candidates are fighting tooth and nail to serve us. The very least we can do is to protect and defend them from such gutter journalism so that they do not have to keep watching over their backs for ‘poisoned darts’.


One Response to “TNP editor: Dr Chee’s ‘protest march’ at Jurong East, but it posted videos only at Yuhua and Woodlands”

  1. wanni said

    The rally for Yuhua SMC WAS held in Jurong East stadium! What the hell is Singh talking about? This man is clearly delusional.

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