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Lim Swee Say: Opposition’s proposals create ‘false hope’

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 2, 2011

PAP candidate for East Coast Lim See Say has demolished the opposition’s proposals as offering an ‘easy way to a better future’ without providing any evidence to substantiate his claims.

Their suggestions created false hope, he told the May Day Rally yesterday.

‘Can we really hope for a better future simply by getting out of manufacturing because it is tough? No,’ he said, continuing to distort the words of Mr Tan Jee Say, a former principal private secretary of then DPM Goh Chok Tong who graduated with a degree in Politics, Economics and Philosophy from Oxford University and worked for six years in the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Mr Tan has written an impressive 46 page economic manifesto “Creative Industries and Enterprise in a New Singapore Economy – Ideas for Change” calling for a gradual move away from manufacturing to service industry due to a lack of land and labor in Singapore.

In page 26 of Mr Tan’s manifesto which can be downloaded in full here, he wrote:

“In the new economy of services industries, existing entrepreneurs in the factories too have a place. They will not be abandoned. Those who want to shift into services will be helped with advice and funds if necessary and desired.Others who want to stay in manufacturing will be assisted to relocate outside Singapore.”

He also criticized the SDP and Reform Party’s calls to introduce a minimum wage system:

“Going for minimum wage instead of upgrading minimum skills because it sounds seductive? It was not as effective in the long term as programmes to upgrade skills of workers so they can get better-paying jobs.”

Mr Lim, who is also the Secretary-General of NTUC, was rapped two years ago for calling Singapore workers to be ‘better, faster and cheaper’ in order to compete with the cheap foreign workers the PAP is mass-importing from elsewhere.

With the two opposition MPs contesting in GRCs, there is a good chance that the PAP will win all 82 contested seats on 7 May thereby giving it an absolute ‘mandate’ to ram more unpopular policies down the throats of hapless Singaporeans.

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One Response to “Lim Swee Say: Opposition’s proposals create ‘false hope’”

  1. sgcynic said

    I can only say compared to the “oppositions'” proposals, the PAP’s reeks of condescension and no hope.

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