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Lim Hng Kiang urged Singaporeans to ‘understand’ need for foreign workers

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 2, 2011

Despite widespread unhappiness and disgruntlement at the PAP’s ultra-liberal immigration and pro-foreigner policies, PAP leaders are adamant that they are ‘needed’ in Singapore.

Speaking to ‘reporters’ from the state media during a walkabout yesterday, PAP candidate for West Coast GRC Lim Hng Kiang urged Singaporeans to ‘understand’ the need for foreign workers, warning that the PAP regime’s plans to cap the proportion of foreigners at one-third of the workforce will ‘slow’ Singapore’s economic growth.

‘We will keep foreign workers to one-third of the workforce but I can tell you that one-third of the workforce is a very severe limitation to us,‘ he said.

Mr Lim added that “with the current limits on foreign worker numbers, Singapore will have to aim for lower growth of 3 to 5 per cent.” which will affect the pay of PAP ministers as their pay is pegged to GDP growth.

According to a Wall Street Journal editorial in 2010, the relentless influx of foreigners has depressed the wages of ordinary Singaporeans, increased the cost of living and led to an overall decline in the standard of living.

[Source: WSJ]

While Singapore’s GDP has grown at an average of 5 percent or more by expanding its labor force, the median income of Singaporeans has remained stagnant at $2,500 monthly and their domestic purchasing power has regressed.

PAP de facto leader Lee Kuan Yew recently reminded Singaporeans that Singapore still need 900,000 foreign workers on work permit, not including those on S and E passes yet.

With the PAP likely to make a clean sweep of all 82 seats contested on 7 May, his plans will be executed very soon and Singaporeans will have no choice but to put up with more foreigners in their neighborhood.


One Response to “Lim Hng Kiang urged Singaporeans to ‘understand’ need for foreign workers”

  1. Te said

    I totally agree that Singapore is flooded with foreigner. I even reach the extend hating them. They take up the mid and high wage of the job opportunities (I have been working as a contractor for more than 10 years without any benefit entitlement and bonus)… but in such a critical period when the government call for support, I will take it as a pay back to them. Country always come first… that’s what I think a Singaporean should think likewise. If not, why are people complaining that the “new immigrant has no sense of loyalty to Singapore”?
    Listen not to one party, but listen heartily to every rally… only then, this will be called a fair judgement.

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