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Goh Chok Tong now wants to go on the ‘offensive’ after his failed attempt to discredit Tan Jee Say

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 2, 2011

Embattled PAP candidate for Marine Parade GRC Goh Chok Tong now wants to go on the ‘offensive’ after his feeble attempts to discredit his former principal private secretary Tan Jee Say has backfired spectacularly.

Mr Goh has earlier claimed that Mr Tan left the civil service in 1990 because he did not make the cut to be permanent secretary which was refuted by Mr Tan who revealed that it was Mr Goh who made a request for him to stay for another five years after he first tendered his resignation in 1984.

The fiasco sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans who wondered if Mr Goh had gone overboard to dish out ‘dirt’ on his loyal subordinate who has gone out of the way not to contest against him in Marine Parade GRC.

Sounding not a bit embarrassed, Mr Goh declared that it is time for the PAP to go on the ‘offensive’ and start asking the opposition for ‘concrete proposals’ during a walkabout in Mountbatten.

“Round one is over, round two is happening now……The PAP, in my opinion, would have to question the opposition: What are your plans? Are they motherhood statements? How do you intend to translate your plans into real situations on the ground?”

PAP leaders are experts in making sweeping ‘mothermood statements’ such as ‘The PAP has a proven track record’, ‘Singapore has a first class government’ and ‘PAP’s policies have benefitted Singaporeans’ without ever having to substantiate them.

In contrast to the PAP’s 13-page laughable election manifesto, the opposition parties have come up with very impressive, comprehensive and practical ones such as Mr Tan Jee Say’s 46 economic manifesto which was endorsed by the former Head of the British civil service Lord Butler himself. (read Mr Tan’s manifesto in full here.)

Mr Goh added that the campaign has been a ‘clean and gentlemanly fight’ so far and warned Singaporeans not to be ‘confused’ by ‘attacks’ from the opposition:

‘I think certainly. The important thing is to avoid people from being confused by the attacks from the other side.’

It is indeed important to prevent Singaporeans from being confused by unwarranted attacks on the opposition by the PAP.

With the new media to counter the blatant propaganda, hogwash and lies being churned out by the PAP-controlled media lately, it is getting difficult for the PAP to indulge in ‘smear tactics’ anymore as Dr Vivian Balakrishnan found out for himself when he tried to hit his opponent Dr Vincent Wijeysingha below the belt by painting him as a ‘gay activist’.

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