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No difference in transacted prices of flats sold in Hougang and Aljunied

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 1, 2011

The HDB Resale Most Recent Transacted Price obtained from the HDB Website are as follows:-

Opposition Wards Area Lease Transacted Price Date of Trans
Blk 302 H/G Ave5 103SM 1983 420K Mar 2011
Blk 336 H/G Ave7 91SM 1985 360K Mar 2011
BLK 115 Potong P 96SM 1984 358K Apr 2011
Blk 140 Potong P 104SM 1984 460K Apr 2011

PAP Wards
Blk 917 H/G Ave9 100SM 1998 408K Apr 2011
Blk 924 H/G9 100SM 1998 417K Apr 2011
Blk 249 Kim Keat Av 104SM 1988 422K Mar 2011
Blk 259 Kim Keat Av 103SM 1989 454K Feb 2011

From the above data, it shows there is no much disparity on property price between the Opposition and the PAP wards. Property prices will go up and down with the economy in Singapore and no relationship on which ward you are in as proven above.


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