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Lee Kuan Yew confident of outright PAP victory at GE

Posted by singaporege2011 on May 1, 2011

PAP paramount leader Lee Kuan Yew is confident that the PAP will win the coming general election to be held on 7 May 2011.

Despite the opposition fielding a stronger slate of candidates this time round, Lee is upbeat about his party’s chances.

The ‘only hot seat’ was Aljunied, which the PAP would also fight to win, he proclaimed.

The Workers’ Party is fielding its strongest team in Aljunied GRC which include Hougang MP Low Thia Kiang, NCMP Sylvia Lim and top corporate lawyer Chen Show Mao.

Lee also dropped a subtle hint that Aljunied GRC will be denied upgrading funds from the government if it falls to the opposition.

‘You look at Hougang, and you think Hougang is better than all the other constituencies? It is the job of the PAP to look after its own constituencies first, right?’

Though his ‘threat’ is likely to generate a backlash among young voters, it is actually targetted at the home owners who have put their entire life-savings in their HDB flats.

Lee’s nonchalant reaction to Aljunied GRC contrasts with his usual combative style in previous general elections where he would make a personal charge in contested constituencies facing tough challenge from the opposition such as Cheng San GRC in 1997 where he spoke consecutively for three nights at the rallies there.

With the two opposition MPs contesting in GRCs, it is very likely that the PAP will win all the 82 seats contested and Singaporeans will end up with NO elected opposition MP in parliament for the first time since 1981.

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