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ST continues to smear SDP by linking it to ‘illegal protests’

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 30, 2011

Stunned by the rapid turn-around in the electoral prospects of the Singapore Democratic Party, the PAP-controlled Straits Times now tries to smear its name by reminding voters of the SDP’s ‘confrontational style’ and its previous run-ins with the PAP regime’s repressive laws to curtail the civil liberties of Singaporeans.

Sounding like an old broken record, Straits Times ‘journalist’ Tessa Wong wrote that some people wondered if Mr Tan Jee Say and Dr Ang Yong Guan, both former establishment figures, are a “good fit” for a party with such a confrontational style.

She also asked Dr Ang what he thought of Dr Chee’s ‘chequered’ past to which he replied:

‘He was young and idealistic. He was thinking that he could do things his way.’

Tessa then throttled out Dr Chee’s past conviction for illegal protests and then tried disingeuously to link Dr Ang to civil activism instead of focusing on the proposals outlined by SDP in its impressive election manifesto:

“Dr Chee has been jailed for illegal protests and bankrupted by defamation suits. It is his status as an undischarged bankrupt that bars him from standing for election this time around. Dr Ang is no stranger to activism himself. In 1978, he took part in a movement protesting against the Government’s enforcement of expensive bonds on medical and dental university students.”

In all first world countries, political rallies and protests are part and parcel of a proper, healthy and functioning democracy and civil activism is and should be an integral component of political parties.

Only in Singapore are such legitimate political activities vilified and criminalized by a totalitarian state bent on complete control in order to preserve its own political hegemony.

Peaceful street marches and protests are common occurrence in Hong Kong which is only a Special Administrative Region of Communist China.

On 25 April 2010, thousands of Hong Kongers marched in the streets demanding the government introduce a minimum wage law to protect the low-income workers which it relented three months later. Hong Kong passed the law in January this year fixing the minimum wage at S$4.50 per hour:

Being nothing more but a propaganda mouthpiece of the PAP regime to serve its own partisan interests, the Straits Times has no moral authority or business in warning Singaporeans repeatedly of the ‘dangers’ of civil activism.

The Singapore Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and assembly. Only under the ridiculous and repressive laws of the PAP regime do they become ‘illegal’.


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