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PAP leaders continue to harp on their ‘fifty year track record’

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 30, 2011

Unable to provide any concrete plans to improve the quality of life of ordinary Singaporeans other than to import another 900,000 foreign workers on work permits, PAP leaders have been harping on the regime’s ‘fifty year track record’ in order to convince undecided voters to continue supporting them.

The message is likely to sway conservative voters in their 40s to 60s who live through the ‘boom years’ under the PAP and are apprehensive about their future if the PAP loses power.

PAP de facto leader Lee Kuan Yew recalled the PAP’s ‘track record’ ever since it first came into power way back in 1959:

“What you want to see is the performance on the job, not the speeches they make. The reason why I’m here since 1959 is because I not only speak, I do. I carry out what I say. And at the end of the day, you’ve got to decide, can this person deliver? Never mind all the gloss, the panache, can they deliver? What is their track record?”

Even PAP newbie candidates with absolutely no ‘track record’ to speak of are quick to jump onto the PAP bandwagon with Lawrence Wong and former Malaysian Foo Mee Har highlighting the PAP’s ‘accomplishments’ in creating ‘good jobs’ to a widely ‘admired’ healthcare system.

Ms Foo, 45, a Standard Chartered banker, spoke of how the PAP regime’s “steady” hand had steered Singapore through past crises, including the recent financial turmoil, ensuring the country was relatively unscathed though the country’s two sovereign wealth funds reportedly lost billions of dollars in failed overseas investments which has yet to be accounted for to this very day.

The coming general election should be a referendum of the PAP’s ‘track record’ from 2006 to 2010 ONLY and not for the past fifty years or otherwise the PAP regime should hold elections only once in fifty years and not every five years.

The present PAP leaders should stop riding on their predecessors’ achievements for past achievements do not guarantee future successes. Furthermore, Singaporeans had already rewarded the PAP with thumping electoral victories in the past.

Under the PAP rule for the last five years, the median income of Singaporeans remain stagnant at $2,500 monthly and their domestic purchasing power are now less than the Malaysians while the prices of HDB flats have almost doubled, not to mention the various screw-ups such as the escape of Mas Selamat, the recurrent spates of flooding, losses in Town Council funds and the relentless influx of foreigners.

With the two opposition MPs contesting in GRCs, Singaporeans may end up having no elected non-PAP MPs in parliament for the first time since 1981. NCMPs have limited voting rights and have no influence over policies. Unless the PAP is denied its 2/3 majority in parliament, the status quo is likely to remain under the charge of Lee Kuan Yew.


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