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Unemployment rate of citizens and PRs ‘lowest’ in three years

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 29, 2011

With the next election looming ahead, the PAP-controlled media is churning out misleading statistics to show voters that the PAP regime has done a ‘good’ job in governing Singapore.

Channel News Asia proclaimed today that Singapore’s unemployment rate declined to 2.7 percent, its’ ‘lowest’ in three years.

What is not reported is the fact that the Manpower Ministry lumps citizens and PRs together as one single category of ‘resident workforce’ in all its statistics. The unemployment rate of Singapore citizens remain a mystery to this day.

Furthermore, the bulk of the employment gains in the first quarter or 22,800 jobs came from the services sector, of which more than one-third are filled by foreigners.

Due to the ease in which foreigners are granted Singapore PRs, the unemployment rate quoted by MOM could contain significant number of newly-minted PRs which would have depressed the overall figure.

Without a strong opposition in parliament to demand answers from the PAP regime, Singaporeans will have no choice but to put up with such vague ‘statistical’ message which contrasts the reality on the ground.


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