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Lee Hsien Loong, National Day Rally, 10 August 2010

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 29, 2011

“Let us welcome them (foreigners) with an open heart, help them to fit in and encourage those who will become citizens to strike roots here. If we do this well, by the next generation, their children will be native Singaporeans.”

One Response to “Lee Hsien Loong, National Day Rally, 10 August 2010”

  1. Roneol Lee said

    I am an ex Singaporean.I served National service and grew up in hardship.
    By the time ,I am in my thirties.I need to venture oversea and start life anew due to the intense
    competition in my country of birth.For Economic and legal reasons.I need to adopt citizenship of
    the country that I am currently in.I never forgot my roots.I never renounce my Singaporean citizenship but was never given the chance to renew my ID or passport (was told to show cause)My elderly mother and siblings are still in Singapore.I always goes back to Singapore but as a foreigner.
    Seeing how Singapore accepts foreigners and the refusal to accept their own ex Citizens (even if with
    conditions) are heart breakings.I am now sucessful.I invested heavily in Singapore but always as a foreigner.I had refused to take PR since I still had my old birth certificate/ID/passport with me.It would be irony.Why dont the government grant duall citizenship to all the old birds like me.We could do what 10,000 new immigrants is unable to (to paraphrase LKY).
    From a never said died Singaporean (at heart)

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