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SM Goh takes pot shot at NSP team in Marine Parade: Is it led by Nicole Seah only?

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 28, 2011

Even before the hustings begin, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has taken a pot shot at his opponents in Marine Parade GRC, describing them as a ‘one-woman’ team.

Speaking to the state media yesterday, SM Goh commented that the NSP team in Marine Parade GRC appears to be leaving their everything to their star candidate, Ms Nicole Seah.

‘The four men are sort of leaving it to the young lady to campaign, to say all the things. This is teamwork you know. If you win, you have to look after the town council. I’ve got five members who can look after the town council,” he said.

SM Goh seemed a bit perturbed that he did not have a star candidate like Ms Seah on his team. Ms Seah has created alot of buzz since announcing her candidacy in Marine Parade, drawing inevitable comparisons between her and Ms Tin Pei Ling who was ‘offered’ to SM Goh by PM Lee to contest in Marine Parade.

‘My sense is the other side has only one member to do all the talking for them and all the attraction for them,’ he added.

When told about SM Goh’s comments, Ms Seah replied.

‘We all have different skill sets. For me, it may be media and engaging younger Singaporeans. But Ivan has 20 years in politics… and strong connections with the older crowd and the Mandarin-speaking crowd. So it’s about synergy and not a one-man show.’

Despite the media hype over Ms Seah, it remains to be seen whether it is sufficient enough to unseat the incumbent SM Goh who has been the MP of Marine Parade since 1976.


2 Responses to “SM Goh takes pot shot at NSP team in Marine Parade: Is it led by Nicole Seah only?”

  1. F De PAPies said

    This SEAT-WARMER forgets that the WHOLE pap is led by one dirty old man.

  2. Nicole Sings said

    Nicole Seah should sing a song for Goh CT.

    “Don’t you wish your girl friend was hot like me?”

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