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Nicole Seah criticizes PAP’s policies in maiden rally speech

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 28, 2011

NSP star candidate Nicole Seah lambasted the PAP’s policies and questioned its performance in the last five years during her maiden election speech today.

Taking a pot shot at the PAP for changing its candidates in Tampines in the last minute, Nicole asked Singaporeans to vote her team into parliament to speak up for them.

She criticized the PAP’s housing policies which have led to sky-rocketing prices as well as the relentless influx of foreigners into Singapore.

“Our population shot up by 26 percent over the past 10 years. Last time when I was in primary school, I take the train, I see Singaporeans everywhere I go. Now, everytime I take the train, I feel I am in a different country. It’s like taking a holiday, I don’t even need to bring my passport,” she spoke, echoing a sentiment felt by the majority of Singaporeans.

Nicole also questioned if the PAP is able to solve the problems it created now when it was not able to do so for the last five years. She said her party would make HDB flats more affordable if they are elected into parliament.

Besides Nicole, the other members in the NSP team contesting Marine Parade GRC are Cheo Chai Chen, Abdul Salim, Ng Chung Hon and Yeo Tiong Boon.

One Response to “Nicole Seah criticizes PAP’s policies in maiden rally speech”

  1. syafiq06 said

    Good training for Nicole. She may not be ready to enter this round but after 5 years she should be mature enough and experience to be the elected MP. Sad to say GRC system will ensure another “chosen” girl to be in the parliament because Singaporeans are generally daft as MM has said. It is a fact that we cannot deny it. Even a Taiwanese writer also said so. Singaporeans do not understand the fault of GRC system and are too materialised and have no national pride and integrity to have a true democracy in this little country. When will Singaporeans wake up? Do you want Singapore to be a real 1st world country?

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