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Khaw Boon Wan gunning for ‘strong mandate’ in Sembawang GRC

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 28, 2011

PAP’s Health Minister Khaw Boon is gunning for a ‘strong mandate’ in the coming general election. His team won 76.7 percent of the valid votes against the SDP in the previous election.

The SDP will be contesting in Sembawang again led by Dr James Gomez who contested in Aljunied GRC as part of WP’s ‘A’ team in 2006.

“We are now going to the people for a mandate – a very strong mandate – to realise and translate these into real action on the ground,” Mr Khaw said.

As expected, the PAP has dangled a $500 million plan to develop Sembawang GRC suddenly one day after SDP announced its plan to contest there. For some strange reasons, Mr Khaw did not reveal the upgrading plan despite being Sembawang’s MP for the last five years.

Dr James Gomez rightly asked Mr Khaw to explain where the $500 million would come from, calling the plan a ‘gimmick’, and said it was ‘a mish-mash of development projects, infrastructural projects as well as private projects, cobbled into one and passed off as a PAP exclusive renewal plan for Sembawang GRC’.

Mr Khaw retorted:

“Gimmick means saying things, performing magic, illusion, and never delivering. (But) ours is real serious stuff. If they don’t even know how public projects are financed, then better not entrust them with the responsibility of running the Government.”

Singaporeans should not be too worried about being denied estate upgrading by not voting for the PAP. In the first place, upgrading is not free as the funds come from taxpayers themselves and not from the PAP. Furthermore, if the PAP loses a few GRCs and SMCs in the coming election, it will have little choice but to upgrade all of them unless it wants to turn large areas of Singapore into ‘slums’.


One Response to “Khaw Boon Wan gunning for ‘strong mandate’ in Sembawang GRC”

  1. F De PAPies said

    Read esp the last para
    Government shortlists potential sites to build retirement village
    17th April 2006

    SINGAPORE : The government has shortlisted a few potential sites for the construction of a retirement village, and the National Development Ministry is currently studying the details.

    The sites are on a 30-year land lease.

    And one of them will be picked to test market demand for such villages.

    In an exclusive interview with MediaCorp’s Channel 8, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan said in the past, the idea of building retirement villages was put on the back burner as Singapore’s problem of an ageing population was not as serious as that in Europe and America.

    The Singapore market was also too small for retirement villages to be commercially viable.

    But the prospects have since changed.

    With a rapidly ageing Singapore population, Mr Khaw said in five years’ time, retirement villages will become economically viable.

    One obstacle is the high costs of land in Singapore.

    “My personal view is, our land is expensive. But we have nearby neighbours in Johore, Batam and Bintan. The elderly want to reach their doctors within half to one hour. So retirement villages in neighbouring countries is possible, barring the cross-border hassle. It is best to find cheap land on short leases,” said Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan.
    – CNA /ls

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