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Dr Vivian slammed by Singaporeans for using ‘smear tactics’ against his opponents

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 28, 2011

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan’s chances at the coming election appears to be taken a beating after his plan to portray his opponent as having a hidden ‘gay agenda’ in contesting at the polls backfired dramatically.

The embattled PAP Youth Minister has drawn much flak last year for bursting the YOG budget by more than three times. He and his team in Holland Bukit-Timah GRC face a tough challenge from SDP’s Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, Tan Jee Say, Dr Ang Yong Guan and Michelle Lee.

Instead of accepting the SDP’s invitation for a public debate on policy matters, Dr Vivian made a ‘mountain out of a molehill’ over Dr Vincent’s participation in a forum discussion gay issues last year.

His callous attempts to ‘smear’ SDP did not go down too well with Singaporeans, judging from the response of netizens and forum writers to the Straits Times.

An irate Singaporean Dr Jason Wong minced no words in piliorizing Dr Vivian:

“IT IS a shame that Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister Vivian Balakrishnan and his team have challenged the political motivations of Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidate Vincent Wijeysingha (‘PAP and SDP square off over ‘smear tactics”; Tuesday), by referring to one video clip where Dr Wijeysingha played a small role in the discussion. In a fair democracy, everyone – as long as one is not a criminal – should be given an equal opportunity to run for a seat in Parliament.”

Another writer Nicola Sambor wrote:

“We should not judge Dr Wijeysingha by the opinions he expressed in his capacity as a private citizen. Neither should the People’s Action Party, or indeed anyone else, attempt to hold the SDP to account on this matter.”

A voter in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC Dr Vincent Tan is now considering switching his support to SDP after the fiasco:

“I am deeply disappointed with the tactics employed by the PAP team in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. They do not need to resort to such tactics to secure victory…..Being a resident and also a volunteer in Holland Bukit-Timah constituency for the past few years, I have witnessed how PAP MPs have done a very good job of delivering their promises to the residents. This detraction is unhealthy, unproductive and disconcerting. My vote as a resident of the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC hangs in the balance.”

As usual, the Straits Times chose to publish only one letter critical of Dr Vivian in its print edition with the rest being ‘relegated’ to its online edition only.

The miscalculated move by Dr Vivian and his team is going to cost them votes. With the new media to counter the blatant propaganda from the state media, it will be foolhardy for the PAP to resort to its usual ‘gutter politics’ and ‘smear tactics’ to demolish its opponents again like what it did to Francis Seow, Jufrie Mahmood, Tan Liang Hong and Dr Chee Soon Juan in previous elections.

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