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Dr Vivian now calls for a ‘truce’ after massive public backlash

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 28, 2011

Embattled PAP Youth Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan is now calling for a ‘truce’ following a massive public backlash over clumsy attempts to cast aspersions on the political motivations of his opponent Dr Vincent Wijeysingha.

Dr Vivian has earlier issued a public statement calling on SDP to clarify if Dr Vincent has any ‘gay agenda’ after he participated in a forum discussing gay issues last year.

SDP’s Dr Chee Soon Juan replied that none of its MPs, if elected, will pursue the ‘gay agenda’ in parliament to which Dr Vivian said he was ‘satisfied’ with the response.

“His video statements (by SDP chief Chee Soon Juan) were a response to my question. He’s answered the question. Let’s leave it at that,” he said.

He also promised not to bring up the issue again:

“No. No need. I don’t need to go any further with that. Questions were asked, I posed the question, he answered,” he added.

His abrupt turn-around did not convince netizens who continued to badger him.

Ray scoffed at his truce on Yahoo News:

“First you smeared. when that didn’t work you called for a truce. you refuse to engage in a healthy debate. wouldn’t this be the best platform to expose your opponents flaws and incompetence?¬† This proves that dr vivian lacks the depth and courage of a leader. if knocking on every door is his strongest point then he should be a karung guni man instead of an mp.”

Darkest Knight added:

“Aiyo, stop acting gracious lah vivian. u know there is no dirt there, so u pretend to be a gentleman and backed off. a true gentleman won’t bring it up in the first place! pretencious scum! your priority is to come out and account for the YOG losses, ok!”

Dr Vivian and his team face a tough challenge from SDP’s Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, Dr Ang Yong Guan, Tan Jee Say and Michelle Lee in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. He is likely to lose votes over the fiasco while ignoring continued calls by SDP for a public debate on the YOG.


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