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Singapore was a thriving Asian city before PAP took over in 1965

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 27, 2011

The Singapore Miracle, pages 7 – 8

While Singapore’s progress has been impressive since 1965, it was already one of Asia’s most developed centres at the time, along with Japan and Hong Kong – a fact usually ignored by Singapore’s propagandists.

In 1963, a Singapore government publication painted this rosy picture of the island:

“Singapore is one of the few cities in South East Asia where everything keeps ticking – and on time. The roads and streets are broad and filled with orderly traffic.

They are well lit at night – in fact better than most major cities of the East. The city is packed with well-laid out modern public buildings and office blocks. And the telephones, the water taps, the electric and gas fittings and modern sanitation work as they should – without any nasty surprises.

The city works efficiently as a centre of world communications and trade. Its port facilities, its international airport, its banking insurance and commercial facilities are the first in South East Asia.

The standard of living – one of the highest in Asia – is visible in the people on the streets, the shopping centres, the satellite towns and in the villages.”

Malaysian prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman echoed these sentiments in a December 1964 speech when he described the island as the ‘New York of Malaysia…..Singapore is a great city. It is the pride of Malaysia. Here trade, commerce and business flourish.’

Singaporean academics Tan and Lam note:

“….there were many factors that have contributed to Singapore’s remarkable economic growth. They include: the strategic location of Singapore as an international port, access to relatively open global markets and thus the ability to adopt an export-led growth, a regional balance of power maintained by the U.S., the deterrence offered by the Five Power Defense Pact (Singapore, Malaysia, Britain, Australia and New Zealand), peaceful relations with its neighbours, a reliable state bureaucracy inherited from the British colonial masters, and a hardworking population.”

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2 Responses to “Singapore was a thriving Asian city before PAP took over in 1965”

  1. fred ong said

    If I can remember singapore was already very organised. North Bridge Road, High Street were the Orchard Rd of Singapore. It was a very nice place.

    Although Singapore progressed, all the other Asian cities like KL, HK, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka all progressed too. Every city modernised with the times. What we had achieved is spectacular so are the other Asian countries.

  2. wMulew said

    dei. Singapore was already under PAP rule during that time

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