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Mah expects to lose votes; continues to distort opposition’s housing proposals

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 27, 2011

Embattled PAP Housing Minister Mah Bow Tan said he expects to lose votes in the coming general election over the housing issue which has become a hot potato for the PAP.

Under Mr Mah’s watch, the prices of HDB flats have almost doubled in the last few years, pricing many ordinary Singaporeans out of the housing market.

“This general election is going to be a close contest. Realistically, we expect our vote share to be down from the last general election. By how much – it’s hard to tell,” he told the state media.

He added that though his team have been greeted with warmth when they are on the ground so far, ‘the sentiments are not as positive as in the last general election’.

Mah continues to distort the opposition’s message to reduce the land cost for building HDB flats in order to pass the savings to Singaporeans.

“We’re trying to tell our people: stay fit, work hard, save for a rainy day. This is not a very pleasing message. The opposition message is more appealing: spend now, why save, our forefathers have worked so hard already, now is the time to enjoy their hard work,” he proclaimed.

The opposition has NEVER asked the government to deplete the reserves by subsidizing HDB flats. What it proposes is simply reducing the land costs by a bit in order to reduce the astronomical prices.

Mah should come clean on the exact land and construction costs of HDB flats instead of obfuscating the issue to confuse and mislead Singaporeans.

2 Responses to “Mah expects to lose votes; continues to distort opposition’s housing proposals”

  1. Alan said

    You are going to lose it all!

  2. starwars said

    is he stupid or what? the govt can control the land costs. they are control the housing supply. they can pass strict policies for housing for the public. what on earth is he talking about? asking the opposition to spend money? please. you think that the opposition is sooo stupid? come on. wake up and smell the coffee.

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