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Lee Kuan Yew tells old ‘grandmother story’ again on how his PAP created today’s Singapore

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 26, 2011

Bankrupted of ideas to bring Singapore forward and unable to account for its dismal performance in the last five years, PAP’s paramount leader Lee Kuan Yew now resorts to his usual ‘grandmother stories’ to plead with Singaporeans to continue to support his team.

The Straits Times published a photo showing Lee and his cabinet meeting the British in 1968 as if it has anything to do with the coming general election.

Lee began by first reminding voters of the ‘accomplishments’ of the first generation of PAP leaders:

“My generation of leaders (1959-1990) laid the foundations that created today’s Singapore. My colleagues were men of integrity and high capabilities: Dr Goh Keng Swee, S. Rajaratnam, Hon Sui Sen, Lim Kim San, Toh Chin Chye, Ong Pang Boon, Othman Wok. My successors and their teams built on the foundations. They too had ministers of integrity and high quality.”

Past achievements do not predict future successes. The present PAP leaders cannot claim to have the moral authority to lead Singapore by riding on the track record of its predecessors. Furthermore, Singaporeans had already rewarded the PAP with thumping electoral victories in previous elections.

Lee continues to remind Singaporeans to make the ‘right choice’ to secure their futures:

“In the heat and dust of this election, remember, do not risk your assets, property values, job opportunities. Vote for men and women of proven character and track records of high performance. Make the right choice, to secure the future of your children and grandchildren.”

Just two days ago, Lee Kuan Yew hinted that Singapore still needs 900,000 foreign workers on work permits, excluding those on S and E passes. As we all know, some of these foreigners will soon be granted Singapore PRs and citizenships by the PAP. Is this the kind of future we want?

Le added:

‘The PAP has got Singapore to where we are by careful and painstaking selection of their successors, men and women of integrity and quality, to fill the top positions in Parliament, the administration, the police and armed forces. The secret of our success has been selection by merit, their capabilities and strength of character.’

The present PAP pales in comparison to the PAP of the past. Its present slate of candidates are mostly drawn from the public sector and PAP-affiliation organizations while the opposition boasts of several former highly ranking officials and qualified professionals from the private sector.

This present election should be a referendum of the PAP’s track record from 2006 to 2010 ONLY and not for the past fifty donkey years.

Since 2006, the PAP has opened the floodgates to foreigners, depressing our income and domestic purchasing power as well as causing HDB flat prices to sky-rocket. Singaporeans should decide whether they still want these to continue under another 5 years of PAP rule.


8 Responses to “Lee Kuan Yew tells old ‘grandmother story’ again on how his PAP created today’s Singapore”

  1. Who will help or listen to us, poor voters? said

    Who will help or listen to us, poor voters?

  2. 'Mat said

    Ah Fart drags out this old tired story every election to score a few votes. It is about matters that happened 50 years ago, ho-hum.

    I say Fart very boring ok!

  3. wuyiche said

    Regardless of what people say about MM Lee, we wouldn’t be here if not for him and his team of leaders

  4. WL said

    No one doubts what the early generation of leaders had done. But with the current crop of PAP ministers and the candidates they are introducing, the foundations are looking to be very shaky indeed!

    Men & women of proven character and track record – Janil Puthucheary, Tin Pei Ling…enough said!

    The secret of PAP success is the GRC system, and the last 5 years have truly shown us their true “merit and capabilities”. And in this election, we are indeed seeing the so called “strength of character” of scare-mongering, veiled threats and gutter politics!

  5. Extramask said

    “The secret of our success has been selection by merit, their capabilities and strength of character.”

    Yeo Cheow Tong
    Teh Chiang Wan

    Wong Kan Seng
    Lim Swee Say
    Khaw Boon Wan
    Vivian B.
    Lim Hng Kiang

    Foo Mee Har
    Tin Pei Ling

    Enough said.

  6. Tony said

    I still respect MM, as without him we might not be where we are today. yes agree that today’s leaders have big shoes to fill. But I think they are doing a good job. I come from a poor family yet still manage to get to Poly and now I do ok in my own small business. I don’t know what recent foreign based candidates like Dr Vincent, Dr James and Chen can do for me as they have been away for so long – do they understand what my needs are? I rather have “local” politicians than “re-imported foreign talents”

  7. Paalu said

    Watched him in TV today. His speech is slurring. His eyes are not focussed. His walk is unsteady. That MG guy had to hold his hand and guide him. You think he will lasts 5 years? The rest of the MPs in TP GRC had a walkover becos of the father of Singapore (i respect him for the past years of contribution, in spite of the fact that he has created a lot fear in people, which we unable to shake it away) .

    When a person slurs, and eyes become unfocused and is unable to see the tip of nose or unable to gaze in between the eyebrows, the end is very near (this is according to Yoga Philosophy). Don’t live in the past, don’t imagine the future, live for the present. In the present, the future is embedded.

  8. starwars said

    same old story again and again. sounds like a broken record. sounds like my mother in law nagging about the old days!! accepted, he had done
    a great deal for singapore. i have full respect for the man and the old guard. but things change!! everything changes. empires are formed and empires are lost. its the nature of the beast. but lets look at the main issues here:

    1. cost of living. good and services are getting more expensive. its due to the climate change, crop failures, rising oil prices.
    why is it the poor hawkers are forced to hold their prices for the next 6 months?
    why is it the common man must always be the one to suffer? arent there alternatives? why is it only during election time are the goodies handed out? i am not asking for a hand out. but if you want to be in govt, then set up a system to help those who cant afford it. after all, you are being paid the BIG BUCKS right?

    2. cost of the public housing.
    he has done a great job in the past, setting up the HDB etc. etc. but then why should public housing be soo expensive?
    wages of the common singaporean is 2500!! how on earth are they ever going to afford a public house? i know that in hong kong things are way too expensive. but this is singapore. they need to help the average singaporean. there must be ways of doing this. i remember i had to struggle so much when i bought my flat. there is no way i can ever forget the difficulties i had to face in buying my property. that was some years ago. its even worse now.

    3. foreigners :
    accepted that singapore needs foreign talent to survive and stay globally competetive. but not at the expense of the singaporeans. look at japan for instance. once there was an earthquake, all the foreigners split. leaving the japanese to fend for themselves. are we so sure that these foreign talent will stay in singapore in we run into difficulties? we have seen it before. during world war II, who left us at the hands of the japanese? the british. there must be ways to ensure that these foreigners must be committed to stay here in singapore and not just use us as a stepping stone for getting citizenship in other countries. and we cannot use the argument that owing a property in that country will make them committed to stay. i own properties in other countries. if something happens there, i will let my property overseas go!

    4. education system
    the education system is just one big pressure cooker. even my kids who are in very good schools in singapore say : the top classes are filled with foreigners. from china and india. why compete with them? accepted again. we need these foreign talent in our schools to be groomed and to settle in singapore. thats the best way to ensure that they stay in this country. but we need to stop placing so much emphasis only on book work. the cca must hold a more weight in the system. at this time, unless the kids are in the school team etc etc. then they can use it as part of their point system. why should it be? any kids who is in cca should be awarded the points! there is too much emphasis on book work. again, the counter argument is that the chinese are the indian kids are soo well trained in maths and science that they over shadow the US. we need to look at such results again under the microscope. such tests are usually carried out using the average US student vs the chinese student who is specially selected to take such tests. hence the skewed results in favour of the chinese and indian students

    this election will certainly be a water shed for the pap.
    the previous elections, we had to attend rallies etc. there were a lot of under reporting by the media. the pap used to say that the younger generation were politically apathetic. how can you blame us for what you did to JB jeyaratnam, francis seow as well as tang hon liang? especially tang hong liang? he lost his house, his family and his career. all because he believe in something.

    but now, with the advent of social networks, facebook, you tube, there is no way themedia can under report things any more. the truth will always be available in cyber space.

    dont get me wrong. i am NOT against the PAP. i am just against their high handed approach to the general public. they think that we cannot think for ourselves and that what ever they do is and must be right. i wont even start to mention the mistakes they have made and have not apologized for it.

    they will win again in this election. but we need to have a strong opposition in parliament to represent most of the the last elections, 66 percent voted for the pap. yet only 2 opposition members are there. what can 2 members say against the majority?

    as a teenager and young adult, i used to watch all the elections so keenly and always mooted for the pap. i remember one election, ( i cannot remember the year) when harbans singh said : i think lee kuan yew should go for a medical check up!! that was the sort of rubbish opposition candidates we used to have. needless to say, pap won by 75 percent!! i used to cheer for them! and was so happy counting the number of opposition candidates who lost their deposits.

    how can the ruling party which i used to vote for, scream for, cheer for fall so low? with total disregard to the people on the ground?

    this is what happens when the ruling party, without any opposition voice, gets their way each and every time.

    dont get me wrong, i still have faith in the pap. but with the current opposition candidates, who are no less illustrious, i am sure that they will be able to represent the people and to ensure that no one party gets to push their policies without proper debate in parliament.


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