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Lim Boon Heng warns voters of consequences of freak election result

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 25, 2011

A second PAP leader has warned Singaporeans of the consequences of a freak result in the coming general election after Education Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen, a sign that the PAP regime is getting panicky about its electoral prospects.

Speaking to Channel News Asia, PAP Chairman Lim Boon Heng warned about the consequences of a freak election result and if that happens, Singaporeans may have to live with a ‘painful outcome’.

“At this time around I think it is good that Singapore citizens sit back, think about who they want to vote for and why they want to vote for that person. It is an important thing to do every now and then because the future of Singapore depends on it,” he added.

With public anger against the PAP at an all-time high, the PAP faces its toughest election for years against a resurgent opposition whose ranks are boosted by the entry of several highly qualified candidates.

Mr Lim urges Singaporeans to vote for candidates who will be able to give their families a ‘better’ future:

“I think that as a voter myself, my biggest priority would be who among the candidates being offered for me to choose will be able to give me and my family a better future. I hope this is the question that all Singaporeans will ask themselves.”

PAP strongman Lee Kuan Yew reminded Singaporeans lately that Singapore still requires 900,000 foreign workers on work permits, not including those on S and E passes.

The relentless influx of foreigners over the years has depressed the income of ordinary Singaporeans, increased the cost of living and led to an overall decline in the standard of living.

While the salaries of PAP ministers have ballooned, the median income of an average Singapore worker remains at S$2,500 monthly.

Singaporeans should vote wisely for candidates and parties who are able to put a stop to the PAP’s mass-immigration policies in order to reclaim owernship of their own nation.

2 Responses to “Lim Boon Heng warns voters of consequences of freak election result”

  1. Gen_(NS)_Knowledge said

    I totally agree with LBH “to vote for candidates who will be able to give their families a ‘better’ future”.
    My conclusion after serious consideration is that Singapore need to put at least 30 oppositions into the parliament.

  2. Yamasam said

    Since the PAP keep harping on “freak” election result, let’s look at 1 possible scenario.

    Let’s say PAP only win 40 seats while the opposition parties collectively won 47 seats. The alternate parties forms a coalition govt leaving the PAP as the new opposition.

    Since the PAP has warned of the supposed dire consequences if a “freak” election result occurs, will they remain in the country and fulfil their duties as elected MPs to act as a check and balance against the coalition govt ? What role will they play in the new parliament as oppositions ? Will the PAP practice partisan politics like what they are accusing the alternate parties would do and weaken the coalition govt ?

    If I want today’s opposition parties to have a sizeable presence in parliament to act as check and balance against a PAP govt, I would want the PAP to do the same against a coalition govt if they get voted out of govt and become the new opposition.

    No double standards because check and balance is required.

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