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DPM Wong: PAP is ‘open’ and ‘accountable’

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 25, 2011

With question marks linger over the PAP’s non-transparent style of governance, DPM Wong Kan Seng now proclaimed that the PAP has done ‘very’ well in public accountability.

When asked about the escape of famed terrorist Mas Selamat Kasteri in 2008, DPM Wong said he has apologized and taken responsibility for the incident.

“We do not hide, we do not have fear disclosing to the public the things we need to do and as far as accountability is concerned, I think we have done very well,” he told CNA.

Though DPM Wong said he has taken ‘responsibility’ for the disastrous mistake, he still earns nearly $3 million dollars of taxpayers’ monies annually.

There are many things which the PAP has not disclosed to the public such as the amount of reserves lost by Temasek Holdings and GIC as well as the exact land and construction costs of HDB flats.

These questions are unlikely to be answered so long the PAP remains in power.

PAP strongman Lee Kuan Yew reminded Singaporeans lately that Singapore still need 900,000 foreign workers on work permit without revealing how the figure was derived.


2 Responses to “DPM Wong: PAP is ‘open’ and ‘accountable’”

  1. nitebirdsg said

    ‎’Of course, the first mistake cannot be obliterated; it was there, I owned up to it, as a minister I took responsibility for it – that’s the right thing to do.”

    But what about the 2nd one when the Home Team failed to arrest him when he was… seeking refuge at his brother’s flat. Mr Wong’s excuse (if I can recall) was that Mas Selamat had a lot of relatives and the security forces cannot possibly monitor all of them.

    But Mr Wong, Mas Selamat was not holing up in his sister’s-brother’s-uncle’s-nephew’s-son in law’s-brother’s-niece’s grandmother’s flat. HE WAS HIDING AT HIS BROTHER’S FLAT for goodness sake. I have watched enough police TV shows to know that the first thing you need to do is to take up surveillance on his closest relative.

    Making matters worse, he also said ‘and is that one lapse by a department fatal to their decision on electing me or not?’ Does he not see the severity of that one mistake …regardless of whether it was a DEPARTMENTAL one or not ?

    MY GOD — this guy really needs a reality check.See More

  2. WL said

    Mr Wong Kan Seng – 2 words for you – Temasek Holdings & GIC!

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