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Low Thia Kiang: It’s for voters, not PAP to decide how parliament evolves

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 24, 2011

Hougang MP Low Thia Kiang calls the PAP ‘arrogant’ for dictating the type of parliament Singapore should have, in response to the PAP’s challenge for it to define what it means by a ‘First world parliament’.

“It’s not for the PAP to decide, neither is it for the Workers’ Party to decide. It is for the voters to decide. We must always remember that. I think the PAP is being very arrogant to ignore the wishes and the will of the voters in an election,” Mr Low was quoted as saying in Channel News Asia.

Mr Low also rebutted PAP Education Minister Ng Eng Hen’s assertion that having opposition MPs would weaken government.

“If Dr Ng is engaging or employing the same old tactic of the PAP in the early days, it could well threaten that there will be freak election result, since more than 50 per cent of the seats are contested. That would be his election strategy,” said Mr Low.

Singapore is the only first world nation in the world which is a single-party state. All the rest are multi-party democracies which have strong opposition parties in parliament to check on the ruling party(s).

Mr Low also questioned the point of having election if the PAP is the one who decides the type of parliament Singapore should have.

“If this is the assumption, then why hold elections? Then we might as well have all the PAP MPs… I suppose it’s typical PAP. They want some voices, noises in Parliament, but they do not want representation from the people,” he added.

The PAP regime never want representation from the people. It just want to govern Singapore at its whims and fancies without any checks and balances and the NCMP scheme is merely a ‘wayang’ for Singaporeans to raise ‘alternative’ voices in parliament, but are completely powerless to check on the PAP as they have no voting rights as illustrated by a comment made by Dr Ng today.

“Every election, it is never about just alternative voices in Parliament, because your vote is very powerful and for every General Election you are deciding on who runs the country. If it is just for alternative voices, the NCMP scheme allows for that, you can raise anything you want in Parliament,” he said.

The PAP doesn’t seem to get it. Singaporeans do not want just alternative voices in parliament. They are sick and tired of the PAP and want a different team to run the country.

4 Responses to “Low Thia Kiang: It’s for voters, not PAP to decide how parliament evolves”

  1. Andrew Chen said

    Spot on!!!

  2. Adrian said

    I take issue with the term ‘freak election result’. An election result is an election result – it signifies the outcome the majority of the electorate have wished for. Nothing freaky about that. No party, opposition or otherwise, should have the notion it’s a god given right that they win and any other outcome is a freak result…

  3. FEDUP said

    We can’t simply allow the status quo for pappy to continue to increase their humongous salaries without solid intervention from the people’s reps in parliament! Look at the way the President’s salary is increased just like that without proper justification from a single party parliament.

    TODAYonline | Singapore | Parliament approves increase in …
    11 Mar 2011 … SINGAPORE – Parliament has approved an increase in the President’s salary, which is also known as the Privy Purse, … > Home – Options

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