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PAP party political broadcast on 6 May?

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 23, 2011

According to state agency Media Development Authority (MDA), there will be two party political broadcasts for the 2011 General Election.

The first will be on Thursday, April 28; and the second will be on Friday, May 6 which is cooling day, just before polling day itself. Each broadcast will be transmitted once on television and once on radio. 

Political parties will be able to send a representive to air their views on radio and television, but not all parties are allocated the same length of time.

The political party with the largest number of candidates, which by default is the PAP, usually more hours of air time than the other political parties.

Not only that, the PAP is likely to have its broadcast on 6 May, which is on Cooling Day itself, thereby giving it an unfair advantage over the rest.

Channel News Asia reported that “the broadcast of the party fielding the least number of candidates will be on first, the broadcast of the party fielding the largest number of candidates will be on last.”

This means that those parties which have their broadcasts earlier are likely to have their message drowned out by those who have theirs on the eve of Polling Day.

It is strange that the PAP is having its broadcast on Cooling Day when all sorts of campaigning by political parties contesting the election are banned on the day itself.

Isn’t the state media campaigning officially for the PAP in this instance to sway voter sentiment in the last minute?

MDA is a statutory board under PAP’s Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts.

Not only did the PAP make use of its incumbency to give itself an edge in the election campaigning, its grassroots organizations may have contravened the Parliamentary Elections Act by planting PAP flags in public before Nomination Day.

Lodging reports to the police or Election Department is an futile exercise since both are controlled by the PAP as well.

Singaporeans yearning for a more democratic form of government where politics are separately from state institutions should vote wisely in the coming general election.


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