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Ng Eng Hen: ‘Track record’ more important than qualifications

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 23, 2011

Unable to match the opposition in terms of qualifications of its candidates, the PAP is now falling back on its ‘track record’ in a desperate attempt to win the votes of undecided Singaporeans.

The opposition is fielding its strongest slate of candidates in the history of Singapore with several highly qualified top-ranking government officials and scholars, double-degree holders and professionals such as a former principal private secretary to Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong Tan Jee Say (SDP), former SAF colonel and psychiatrist in private practice Dr Ang Yong Guan (SDP), former overseas merit scholar Benjamin Pwee (SPP), former Defence Science and Technology Authority scholar Jeffrey Lee (SPP) and Cambridge-educated economist Kenneth Jeyaretnam (RP).

In contrast, the present batch of new PAP candidates is the weakest the PAP has fielded over the years with most of them from the public sector and PAP-affiliation organizations like NTUC.

When asked about the opposition fielding better qualified candidates in this election, Dr Ng retorted that though the opposition may have better educated candidates, “voters care more about whether a candidate can improve their lives and be trusted to be in government, than about how intelligent he is.”

He also challenged the opposition parties to form the government.

“If they can convince voters that they can be a better government, take care of Singapore and voters better than the PAP government, voters will vote for them. Otherwise, voters will say, I will trust the people that have delivered,” he said.

With public anger against the PAP government at an all-time high, PAP leaders are now falling back on its ‘fifty year track record’ to convince Singaporeans to vote for them.

Singaporeans had already rewarded the PAP for its achievements since 1959 by voting its MPs into power in previous elections. The present PAP leaders cannot afford to simply ride on the success of their predecessors and expect us to continue supporting them.

The next general election should be a referendum of the PAP’s ‘track record’ since 2006 ONLY. Furthermore, ‘track record’ in the past is not a predictor for future success. Singaporeans should vote wisely on 7 May to secure their future in Singapore.

2 Responses to “Ng Eng Hen: ‘Track record’ more important than qualifications”

  1. Adrian said

    Typically just as arrogant as ever. The minister may like to know that my life has not been better. Only his life and those like him have been made much better with high salary and big bonuses.
    No need for the other parties to convince me that they can look after us better. Why minister, you doubt their capability? You mean there is no one else except the PAP?? Pleasee

  2. PAP supporter said

    When PAP won the election in 1959, were they ready to form a government? Mr. Ng, sir, please answer.

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