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Your vote: Do foreigners create jobs for Singaporeans?

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 22, 2011

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said lately that the ‘controlled inflow of foreign workers’ help create jobs for Singaporeans.

Do you agree with him?


5 Responses to “Your vote: Do foreigners create jobs for Singaporeans?”

  1. VT said

    Not the kind that are being allowed to take away jobs from locals.

    All for real foreign talent that will bring business and actually HIRE locals.

    No for those who will compete with Singaporeans just by salary alone. Those have NOTHING to lose.
    We have. We have that millstone (HDB leasehold loan) around our neck.

    Our educational system does not allow us to compete with the so called “masters”, “phds” that these “FT” have. How can we possibly even study with all these bills and things to pay for?

    I don’t believe the BS that if you have a good degree or a degree you will do well in Singapore and be given better opportunity. It’s all useless with these Masters and PHds.

  2. jason said

    What citizens would like to be heard during election rally?
    1) Housing price : the price of housing should be set at a price according to the cost it built plus extra 10%.Citizens who bought from HDB only can sell back to HDB at the price they bought.The HDB can in turn sold the flat to single Singaporeans the price they bought plus 20% more.PR will be 100% more.For foreign buyers will be 200% more.This way will prevent citizens resold their flat & profiteering.

    2)Jobs : 1.5 million foreign workers in our little red dot are too many.Jobs that Singaporeans shunned ,the levy should be reduced to $150/mth.Foreign PMET & PR ,their employee & employer cpf contribution should be adjust to same as Singaporeans.Else the employer will prefer the cheaper PR & foreign PMET.Maid levy should be reduced to $150/mth.Those employed 2nd maid will need to pay $300/mth,3rd maid ,$450/mth.
    3) Health care:Medisave should be allowed for 100% outpatient claim.Presently,medisave can only be used if bill is exceed $35.This has cause a lot of unemployed/retirees shunned from seeing doctor to save hard cash.In the end,their illness become serious that need hospitalization.Medicine for high blood,diabetes should be sold at any pharmacy without prescription to reduce long Q in polyclinics & charges for each blood pressure check.Countries like US,Thailand,Malaysia has already done this way,why our elite can’t think of that?
    4)Influx of foreign workers:Foreign workers should be reduced to less than 1 million .Too many foreigner hv caused congested in trains,buses,shopping centres….Some hv committed crimes and tarnished Singapore reputation.Last year, a china girl was raped by her own country man.When repoter interviewed her.She said.”I thought Singapore is a safe place.But now I don’t dare to step in Singapore anymore.”. She was raped by her own country man,but put the blame on Singapore security.
    5) Transportation: Malaysian registered vehicle/motor cycle enter Singapore should be charged a daily fee of $5per car or $2 per motor cycle.This will encourage them to take public transport.These will reduced pollution and congestion at causeway and roads.
    6)Cost of living :New town should built wet market & hawker centres.In this way ,food prices will be competitive.Of course,the government should lower the rental so they are able to sell cheaper.
    Increase the tax on tobacco and alchohol drinks.These will discourage more people to quit drinkings or smoking.
    Increase entrance fee for casino to $200.But allowed Singaporeans & PR free entrance once a year to enter casino to fulfill their curiosity.
    7)Abolish GRC: The PM said GRC was created to ensure there’s minority voices in parliament.If the elected minority got talent and good,citizens will vote him in.If he is just a Yes man ,even he/she enter parliament they are just puppets.
    8) YOG issue : The over budget on YOG is a laughing stock for all Singaporeans.With those high paid elites,the cost can go up more than 200% is unacceptable.Things that screw up in the event.Food poisoning,volunteers was given just a small porton o food to eat.Faked signature certificate,expired F1 tickets.All these show that we are not ready for YOG.Why must we spent so much money & get these poor result.

    8)Abolish GRC : Our PM said GRC is to assure there’s minority voices in parliament.If the minority person is talented and good character.Citizens will vote him in.If he is just a YES man,even he is in parliament ,he is just a puppet.
    Last but not least,wishing opposition will win at least a GRC & more than two SMC in this election.

    • NS Citizen said

      Bro, may I add another:
      new citizens and PRs who commits crime should be deported.We want real talent not undesirable or people who caused trouble and waste our valuable resources.send them a strong signal and not dilute our citizenship.

  3. tang said

    We are not stupid to believe forigners create job for us.

  4. bull said

    to foreign workers working in singapore:

    work, save as hard as you can, then get out of singapore. nothing for you there. you sacrificed your youth, you will not be the first nor the last. and you will always be 2nd class in many ways. many of you too are too slow or refuse to adapt to the singaporean way of life

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