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Tan Jee Say: PAP’s economic policies will lead to ‘social disintegration’

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 22, 2011

Former Principal Private Secretary to Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong Mr Tan Jee Say has launched a scathing criticism of the PAP’s economic policies in the last few years.

The 57 year old Mr Tan will be contesting in the coming general election as a candidate of the Singapore Democratic Party.

In an interview with the state media, he warned:

“The economic policies that are being pursued now will undo all that we have achieved in the past 30 to 40 years and will lead to social disintegration.”

Mr Tan believes the influx of foreigners has depressed locals’ wages and crowded citizens out of jobs and schools, and that the decision to allow two casinos here has caused families to break up.

‘Throughout society, people feel something is just not right,’ he added.

He also criticised the Economic Strategies Committee (ESC) report released last year aas simply ‘whitewashing the economic issues.’

“The focus should not be on raising productivity but on correcting bad economic policy, namely the propping up of manufacturing which has led to Singapore’s reliance on foreign labour,” he said.

According to a Wall Street journal editorial in January 2010, the relentless influx of foreigners has depressed the wages of ordinary Singaporeans, increased the cost of living, especially that of public housing and led to an overall decline in the quality of life in Singapore.

Despite the prevailing sentiment on the ground, PM Lee continues to insist that foreigners are ‘essential’ for Singapore.

In a speech made at the official opening of IMFlash’s US$3 billion high tech electronics plant in Woodlands today, Prime Minister Lee claimed that six in ten of the film’s employees are ‘Singaporeans and permanent residents.’ and Singapore residents also take up two-thirds of the managerial and professional positions.

“Without the foreign workers, we would not have attracted this US$3 billion investment, and Intel and Micron would have built its wafer fab elsewhere. But by allowing in a controlled number of foreign workers, far from disadvantaging Singaporean workers, we have created more good jobs for Singaporeans,” said Mr Lee.

Since PM Lee did not even acknowledge the problem with the PAP’s ultra-liberal immigration and pro-foreigner policies in the first place, will he slow or even reverse the inflow of foreigners should the PAP win the next election comfortably again?

The next general election may be the last window of opportunity for native Singaporeans to reclaim ownership of their nation after which they will surely to overwhelmed by the shiploads of foreigners the PAP is mass-importing to Singapore.


6 Responses to “Tan Jee Say: PAP’s economic policies will lead to ‘social disintegration’”

  1. Adrian said

    Title should read “… … lead to ‘social disintegration'”.

  2. jakson said

    is the heading correct? isnt it suppose to be “disintegration” instead?

  3. Remake Singapore for Singaporeans said

    Yes I agree completely what Tan says. I am just wondering if Tan has got inside info (obtained in his time in his previous role) OR is Tan making a prophesy.

    Why I am saying this?? Recall that recently PAP under WKS’s Home Ministry bought a lot of modern and expensive Anti-Riots equipment. At that time I got a shock, why was PAP spending hugh sums of money $$$ to purchase ALL these???

  4. Native Singaporeans said

    First of all,opposition party(s)need to gain strong mandate from the voters.


  5. Walter Jayandran said

    “..six in ten of the film’s employees are ‘Singaporeans and permanent residents.’”

    Who are the permanent residents? Aren’t they foreigners who have been welcomed to rob Singaporeans of jobs and resale homes? How many employees are real native Singaporeans Mr LHL? Why can’t you give that number?

  6. Suz said

    “..six in ten of the film’s employees are ‘Singaporeans and permanent residents.’”
    This is playing numbers game, nobody can tell how many singaporeans are there

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