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Steve Chia: Opposition can win at least one GRC

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 22, 2011

With public anger against the ruling PAP reaching a peak, the opposition is quietly confident of its chances in the coming general election on 7 May.

Former NCMP Steve Chia predicted that the opposition is poised to win at least one GRC in the coming election.

He also expressed confidence that the opposition parties contesting Chua Chu Kang, Bishan and Aljunied GRCs ‘stand the best chance’ of winning a Group Representation Constituency this time round, according a report by the state media.

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) candidate James Gomez is equally upbeat.

Speaking to reporters after submitting his political donation forms at the Elections Department, he said:

“I think the opposition fraternity, on its own as a whole, is poised to score a significant victory against the ruling party.”

When asked how many more seats the opposition could win in the May 7 election, he replied:

“It would depend on the swing of votes against the ruling party. It has been put as high as 10 per cent, and this would certainly translate to a significant number of seats.”

The PAP is facing its toughest election to date with the majority of Singaporeans fed up with its flawed policies such as its ultra-liberal and pro

We predict a swing of between 8 to 15 percent of the votes against the ruling party as of today and it is in danger of losing its traditional two-third majority in parliament if the current trend goes on.


One Response to “Steve Chia: Opposition can win at least one GRC”

  1. SgpInForeignLand said


    All alternative parties should aim to be able to form a multi-party government after this election, not just be contented with a win of 1 or 2 GRC!

    Can we wait for another 5 years?

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