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SM Goh wants ‘clean fight’ in his GRC

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 22, 2011

Still smarting from the sudden unexpected contest in his GRC, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong now tries to reclaim the moral ground by urging the opposition to fight ‘clean’.

“Go for a clean fight in the upcoming contest in the election, no personal attacks, no rude language. Singapore is a gracious, generous community and the contest should be about which party voters trust to secure you and your children a better future,” he wrote on the MParader Facebook.

Marine Parade GRC was supposedly uncontested by the opposition till the inclusion of PAP newbie candidate Tin Pei Ling into the team which sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans upset at the possibility that she will enter parliament by hanging on the coat-tails of SM Goh.

Capitalizing on the prevailing public sentiment, the National Solidarity Party (NSP) decided to field a team to contest in Marine Parade GRC which includes newcomer Nicole Seah.

SM Goh has earlier revealed that Ms Tin was ‘offered’ to him by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and did not sound enthusiastic about the arrangement.

Though Marine Parade GRC has been uncontested since 1992, Ms Seah may be able to win sufficient votes from Generation Y and coupled with public dissatisfaction with Ms Tin, to give SM Goh a scare in what may be his last election.


6 Responses to “SM Goh wants ‘clean fight’ in his GRC”

  1. MdAlias said

    Hsien Loong is trying to kill Chok Tong by giving TPL to represent in Marine Parade GRC. I wonder why didn’t Hsien Loong put her in his own GRC since he so strongly supported her??? The signs are showing the cracks within People’s Action Party itself.

    When you manipulate the people for so long, power will eventually die off!

  2. WoodyArseholdGoh said

    ha ha ha, makes me think of a tyrant who after years of torturing people and making their lives hell but when brought to the gates of hell ask for mercy for himself.

  3. steven said

    after hitting others below the belt for so long and finally, when the other party retaliated, you say ;’lets fight clean’
    gct…u are going down deep

  4. Double Standards Much said

    Hmm… let us look through past examples.

    GCT called Tang a Chinese Chauvanist
    WKS called James Gomez a liar
    LKY called JBJ and CSJ duds
    LKY called CSJ a near psychopath….

    I am assuming these are considered “clean” and not personal attacks…. If it is good for the goose it is good for the gander I say.

  5. Why are the "servants" being paid salary equivalent of a Master?? said

    Clean fight? What clean fight when it was reported in TR’s facebook that xxx have been trying to sabotage TR’s website. No wonder I can’t access the site since last Sunday night!

    Dear TR, please forward the complain after your investigation and bring forth the evidence to United States government to expose dirty tricks which is against human rights to have alternate news that are authentic!

  6. Enuff is enough! said

    Clean fight has always been what singaporeans want..but the ruling party has never demonstrated over the last last many decades!

    Pls rem what u wrote and exit graciously on may 7 2011!!

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