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PM Lee on PAP’s likely result in coming GE: 66.6 percent is a ‘very high’ number

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 22, 2011

With the next general election looming over the horizon, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sounded resigned to the increasing likelihood that the PAP may receive less than 66.6 percent of the votes it obtained in 2006.

When asked by the state media about the PAP’s prospects in the coming election on May 7, PM Lee said:

“I think 66 per cent is a very high number. Whether we’ll reach that I can’t say.”

The PAP garnered 66 percent of the valid votes during the 2006 general election, a 9 percent drop from the preceding one in 2001.

The ground has clearly shifted in 2011 with public anger against the PAP at an all-time high which was clearly illustrated by the frosty public reception given to PAP newbie candidate Tin Pei Ling.

The relentless influx of foreigners, rampant inflation, sky-rocketing HDB flat prices and lack of accountability and transparency in the government are key issues which are likely to influence voters’ choice in the coming election, a fact acknowledged by PM Lee.

“Compared to the 2006 election, there are more issues which are not completely settled this time. Cost of living has been there a long time but it was not at the top of everybody’s minds (in 2006). The property market was also not an issue the last time,” PM Lee noted.

His assessment was shared by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong who noted that the ground is not ‘very sweet’ this time due to the rising cost of living.

When asked if it would be a ‘disaster’ if the PAP’s vote share fell below 60 percent, PM Lee said:

“It’s not just a number, but what is the pattern of voting? Are you voting for credible opposition? Are you carried away by somebody who’s got a silver tongue but is unsound? Is there a distinction between the serious candidates and the non-serious candidates?”

The PAP’s lowest share of votes came in 1991 when it garnered 61 percent of the valid votes.

The Temasek Review predicts a sway of between 10 to 20 percent of the votes to the opposition this time.

What is the percentage of votes the PAP is likely to win in the coming GE? Please share your views with us.

6 Responses to “PM Lee on PAP’s likely result in coming GE: 66.6 percent is a ‘very high’ number”

  1. ex-PAP supporter said

    I would describe myself as having been a VERY STRONG supporter of PAP for the past 5 general elections, at one stage to the point of hoping for PAP clean sweep. Unfortunately, not any more. I say this out of sadness that the PAP appears completely out of touch with the ordinary people. Over the last two weeks, I have become even more upset each time I read about a PAP candidate denying ground sentiment.

    Part of me wants to “punish” PAP in the polls by voting opposition. The other part is concerned about the prospect of PAP losing more than half the seats. It is mathematically possible.

    I have no doubt that if the PAP can lose my vote (when I have been such an ardent PAP supporter for a long time), it will most definitely lose many votes. If the opposition had settled for a “by election” effect like it did in previous elections, I would have no doubt PAP will lose two or three GRCs. However, the opposition has sensed that the electorate is fed up, and everyone wants to start contesting all over Singapore.

    Whilst most Singaporeans will be happy about having a chance to vote after many years, the real question (and PAP will surely play this card) is that PAP is not returned to government after Nomination Day. In fact, if there is a contest in all GRCs and SMCs, then there is a likelihood that PAP could be voted out of power. If this happens, none of the opposition parties would be in the position to form the government, and the electorate would have traded bad for worse.

    To answer your question specifically, if there were a “by election” effect, my thinking is that the swing against PAP would be in the 10%-14% range. If all SMCs and GRCs were contested, the swing could be about 6%-10%

  2. Fatty Lee said

    “Are you carried away by somebody who’s got a silver tongue but is unsound?” aptly describes the old fart lee!
    Woody Goh, your arrogance and hypocrisy are the adjectives associated with you!

  3. Remake Singapore for Singaporeans said

    Lets target to teach THE BLOODY SMUG, Hao Lian PAP a lesson.

    They have been cheating Singaporeans, Lie-ing to Singaporeans, Bullying Singaporeans, TRATING Singaporeans as 2nd OR 3rd Class Citizens, the PAP They have SCOLDED Singaporeans –

    LETS target to VOTE at LEAST 10 Opposition MPs. AT LEAST, OUT of 80 Plus seats, VOTE 25 to OPPPOSITION !!!!

    DOWN PAP DOWN PAP Down with Old Man, Down qith Old Mans Son, Down with Ka Ching, Down with Temasek, DOWN with GIC…

  4. It's Now or Never said

    My fellow Singaporeans,

    May I urge you to start reaching out to old folks, the ignorant, civil servants etc who are still brainwashed by PAP? We only have 2 weeks to make a change. Online method has its own limits. Let them watch youtube movies esp the poor old folks who collect trash, the needy sleeping in hdb areas etc to really wake them up the changes the last 5 years.

    And seriously speaking, I urge Singaporeans to give at least 70% of total votes casts for all opposition this GE to counter gerrymandering and vote rigging. Then you will see opposition claiming more than 1/3 of seats in Parliment.

    As for opposition parties, pls cast aside differences and work together this GE. Our future is at stake. I do urge them to form coalition if by chance a minority Govt to work for betterment of Singaporeans.

    Thank you.

  5. SgpInForeignLand said

    To me the percentage of votes means little to me. Like in election 2006, what’s the point of the alternative parties winning 34% but only resulted in 2 seats out of the 84?

    What matters to me is how many seats will the ruling party lose and will they be denied of the 2/3 majority? That’s crucial and key!

  6. Vote For Change said

    We must win ALL seats in parliament and the smart opposition folks can form a coalition govt. (PAP losers can be the ncmps)

    Have confidence!

    Pray And Pray!

    Vote For Change!

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