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Penang’s stunning growth and development under the Malaysian opposition

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 22, 2011

PAP Minister without portfolio Lim Swee Say recently warned Singaporeans against taking a ‘gamble’ by voting for the opposition in the coming general election, a perennial scare-mongering tactic employed by the PAP regime to frighten voters during every election.

PAP strongman Lee Kuan Yew is a ‘master’ at making such empty threats. He once painted a doomsday scenario should the opposition come into power one day – the property market will crash, foreign investors will fled, our reserves will be depleted and our women will become maids in other countries.

Will Singapore collapse if the opposition come into power one day?

Let us look at the example of Penang, a state in Peninsula Malaysia.

Penang was governed by the Gerakan Party for more than forty years, a component party of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

In 2008, the Malaysian opposition won the state of Penang for the first time by winning 29 out of 40 seats contested. Lim Guan Eng, the Secretary-General of the Democratic Action Party became the Chief Minister of Penang.

Lim Guan Eng has never served in the government before and has absolute no experience to speak of. He was detained once under the Internal Security Act in 1989 and was jailed for 15 months under the Sedition Act for distributing fliers calling for the sacking of then Malacca’s Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Thamby Chik for alleging having sex with a minor.

Did Penang collapse under the leadership of Lim Guan Eng and the opposition?

According to facts and statistics listed on the Penang state government website:

1) Penang tops in investment in Malaysia attracting almost RM 12.2 billion investments or 26% of the overall investments in Malaysia. A historical   success for Penang.

2) Penang was praised by the National Auditor General for being the state with the best financial management from 2008-2009

3) Penang tops in reducing the crime index for 2010 by 27%. It is the highest among all states in Malaysia.

4) Penang is the pioneer and leading state in green initiatives moving towards becoming the first green state in Malaysia.

5) Penang is the only state in Malaysia to be praised by Transparency International for the state government’s open tender and CAT governance based on competency, accountability and transparency.

6) Penang contributes two -thirds of the medical tourism in Malaysia.

7) Penang is the 1st state to give out RM100 annually to senior citizens above the age of 60yrs old. The state government commits to wipe outhardcore poverty and ensures that every family`s income is at least RM 500 a month.

8) Penang has the highest increase of Air-Travelers (30%) in comparison of other Malaysian airports in 2010.

9) Penang has zero unemployment rates and is currently having shortage of workers.

10) Penang state Government guarantees the freedom and upholds the human rights of the people through the freedom of information (FIO) Act and erected the Speaker`s Square at esplanade. The 1st in Malaysia which gives the people the freedom to voice their opinion.

11) Penang is the most committed and active in protecting, preserving and promoting heritage conservation such as the UNESCO world heritage city of George Town.

12) Penang is ranked as the most livable city in Malaysia.

Some may argue that the comparison is not appropriate as Singapore is a country and Penang is only a state, but Penang’s stunning transformation under the Malaysian opposition is even more remarkable because the federal government in Kuala Lumpur, like the PAP, has been indulging in pork-barrel politics by depriving the Penang state government of crucial developmental funds.

If the Malaysian opposition can do it, why not Singapore’s when our opposition candidates are so much more highly qualified?

Singaporeans should not be deceived again by the empty threats made by PAP leaders on the eve of the election. The PAP began as an opposition party too in the 1950s with no experience in governing.

Political leaders are only there to make major policy decisions whose execution lies with the civil service which will remain in place no matter which party or parties form the government.

South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand have changed governments several times, but did their economies collapse? Even Belgium which is without a government for the last two years is still growing at an annual rate of 2 percent.

The government of Singapore can be formed by any political party which win the election. The PAP will definitely collapse and implode if it loses the election, but Singapore will continue to grow under a different ruling party or coalition.


13 Responses to “Penang’s stunning growth and development under the Malaysian opposition”

  1. James W. Hiew said

    It’s not only in Penang. My home state, Selangor, is also ruled under the parties who are the opposition at federal level. According to Federal Government statistics, it’s the no. 2 state in the country behind Penang, although the mainstream media says there has been no development in Penang and Selangor under those parties. In Selangor, you get the first 20 cubic meters of water free of chrage, there is a FOI bill, and we have instituted several plans to give handouts when people get into university or pass away.

  2. Anonymous said

    “although the mainstream media says there has been no development in Penang and Selangor under those parties.”

    What did you expect from the shitty mainstream media?

  3. TAN said

    Penang georgetown is my home town

  4. daniel said

    vote opposition if u want improvement , changes are needed for country like msia .

  5. lolwtfbbq said

    vote for the opposition just to show your government how sick and tired you are for the current BS happening in the country, and if the opposition takes over and improves, hell, keep them, and vote against them when they start to suck

  6. Lightning said

    Tossing a chicken cube into the soup i cook will surely improve its taste. Tossing it into the soup created by a chef will probably spoil the taste. I hope you can see the logical flaw in your reasoning above.

    I think that one of the key goal of Singaporean politics should be to enable us to select the best and the brightest to form the Cabinet. If having an opposition allows us to do so, then good. Talent need not, and probably does not follow party lines entirely. But if you are chasing opposition for the sake of opposition, then that’s just pointless.

    Also, I think you are being rather cavalier about Singapore’s continued survival. History is littered with numerous countries which have faltered because they took a wrong step. I am surprised you chose Japan as an example of a country that “did not collapse”. I think that’s almost like saying that dying slowly of cancer is not that bad – at least it wasn’t a sudden heart attack! (In fact, some people think that Japan is suffering because the Japanese Civil Service is parochial) In any event, why don’t you consider the case of Philippines, a once great nation in SEA that has fallen on hard times.

    I’m not saying of course that voting PAP will allow us to avoid this. That would be ridiculous. I’m saying that the extreme opposite is just as ridiculous – that who you vote for doesn’t really really matter to our survival. Lung cancer starts from the first cigarette, not just the last. Choose wisely.

  7. KH said

    All I can say that quoting such points without looking at the background circumstances is not sufficient to make an assessment of how tough it will be for a country like Singapore to be run properly. It is simply too sweeping a statement. Thanks for the attempt though.

  8. dominic said

    this is such a joke tread ….how can they compare malaysia gov with singapore gov???of cuz we can see different in malaysia because our goverment BN can buy 2 submarines which cannot submerge ,jet fighters where engine can be stolen ,5 billions ringgits for some dumbshit building and recent red hot topic ,50 millions ringgits to create every email for every1!!!so dear singaporean please appreciate your current government .To me i think they have did a good job by transforming singapore into 1 of the most modest city in SEA.

    • wanni said

      Dominic, 家家有本难念的经。We cannot compare ourselves to just Malaysia, we need to look at first-world countries that don’t treat their people like robots.

  9. nipaa said

    Are you guys forgetting that the Penang Opposition state government is DAP and it is actually a spin of the Singapore PAP? :D?

    • Sean said

      Hey Nipaa, no doubt DAP is a spinoff of PAP but they shattered their relationship after 1978 when leaders from both countries met. Mahathir asked Lee Kuan Yew to cut off links with the Chinese leaders of the Democratic Action Party; in exchange, Mahathir undertook not to interfere in the affairs of Malay Singaporeans. DAP has been working and functioning by itself ever since.

  10. Andy Lee said

    Penang is one of 13 states in Malaysia. If Guan Eng’s state government had failed,
    Penanites can look for jobs in other states in Malaysia.
    Singapore has very little margin for poor government. If Singapore fails,the rich and well educated can emigrate or find jobs elsewhere. The less well off have to face the consequences.Of course, there is always the reserve to draw on and distribute, either as direct payouts to the poor and jobless or subsidise essential food, utilities etc. The financial market will cause the Singapore dollar to fall (less underpinning reserve) and we have to pay more for all imports.
    Will cost of living be lowered?

    The world will not care less if Singapore fails. It will make the customary cursory noises of sympathy at best. Will IMF/World bank provide funds and rich countries aids? What kind of prices they will exact?

    Our children and grandchildren will be the ones to bear the brunt if the country falls. Casual,flippant and even irresponsible arguments, for which we have the luxury now because the country has done well in spite of a government potrayed as terrible, should be more measured and mature. Personal attacks and vitriolic discourses only cheapen our regard for this nation and total disregard for the well being of our own future descendants.

    I pray that good sense and wisdom will prevail in the social media.

  11. Sean said

    Nipaa, no doubt DAP is a spinoff of PAP but they shattered their relationship after 1978 when leaders from both countries met. Mahathir asked Lee Kuan Yew to cut off links with the Chinese leaders of the Democratic Action Party; in exchange, Mahathir undertook not to interfere in the affairs of Malay Singaporeans. DAP has been working and functioning by itself ever since.

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