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Ex-PAP supporter will vote for opposition in coming GE

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 22, 2011

I would describe myself as having been a VERY STRONG supporter of PAP for the past 5 general elections, at one stage to the point of hoping for PAP clean sweep. Unfortunately, not any more. I say this out of sadness that the PAP appears completely out of touch with the ordinary people. Over the last two weeks, I have become even more upset each time I read about a PAP candidate denying ground sentiment.

Part of me wants to “punish” PAP in the polls by voting opposition. The other part is concerned about the prospect of PAP losing more than half the seats. It is mathematically possible.

I have no doubt that if the PAP can lose my vote (when I have been such an ardent PAP supporter for a long time), it will most definitely lose many votes. If the opposition had settled for a “by election” effect like it did in previous elections, I would have no doubt PAP will lose two or three GRCs. However, the opposition has sensed that the electorate is fed up, and everyone wants to start contesting all over Singapore.

Whilst most Singaporeans will be happy about having a chance to vote after many years, the real question (and PAP will surely play this card) is that PAP is not returned to government after Nomination Day. In fact, if there is a contest in all GRCs and SMCs, then there is a likelihood that PAP could be voted out of power. If this happens, none of the opposition parties would be in the position to form the government, and the electorate would have traded bad for worse.

To answer your question specifically, if there were a “by election” effect, my thinking is that the swing against PAP would be in the 10%-14% range. If all SMCs and GRCs were contested, the swing could be about 6%-10%

Ex-PAP supporter


9 Responses to “Ex-PAP supporter will vote for opposition in coming GE”

  1. Yamasam said

    Even if PAP is not returned to power after the elections is over, I believe they will be the party with the most number of elected MPs. Chances are they will form a coalition govt with 1 or 2 of the opposition parties. I don’t believe the opposition parties will be able to form a coalition govt without the PAP.

  2. rolento said

    Dear Ex-PAP supporter,

    with due respect, i think you thought too highly of the PAP. no politician is the world is irreplaceable, tell me what the present PAP MPs can do now that the opposition party cant? they can fly?

  3. ziiro said

    A coalition govt is not a “strange” concept, many “first world” govts operate this way.
    It is more foolhardy to think that without PAP, Singapore will suddenly, overnight become a wasteland.

  4. mr.udders said

    If this happens, none of the opposition parties would be in the position to form the government, and the electorate would have traded bad for worse.

    Oh my god – you’re so stupid. Were Lee Kuan Yew and gang in any position to form the government when they first took over?

    Think on cause, fool. Anyone competent can do the job. Going by credentials alone, most or all of the GE candidates are competent enough.

    Now, it’s just a matter of which party’s values you believe in and whether or not you want to give the candidates from that party the chance to do a better job.

  5. Walter Jayandran said

    As yourself this question – Is any PAP candidate willing to give up the prospect of earning million dollar salaries if they are elected? Can they sacrifice monetary gains to truly serve the people? If not for the big pot at the end of the rainbow, these hypocrites would not be standing for elections today including the has beens!

  6. Chazzer said

    With all due respect to ex-PAP supporter, although it is a mathematical possibility that the PAP may lose the majority and thus not be able to form a single party government, I think the worst that can happen to the PAP is that they still remains the largest single party in parliament and they has to form a coalition government with the most friendly opposition party (most likely WP). In my opinion that is not all that bad. But chances are PAP will remain the majority and we will only have a number of GRCs amd SMCs go the way of opposition.

    So don’t let the scare-mongering tactics affect your vote.

  7. You think too much said

    just vote yes or no for PAP on polling day!

    Did PAP think for us after GE? If yes, then you should think for PAP now…

  8. Anderson said

    You have over-worry too much. If PAP can lose $100 billions of Singaporean’s hard-earn money in investment fiasco, and yet Singapore did not crumble, what could be worst ? Did we want to continue to lose another few billions without accountability and transparency of PAP after this election ? Isn’t losing this reserve show that PAP don’t deserve to be government anymore ?

    Beside, you have really overestimate the loyalty of PAP people. There are many high-calibre people in PAP who do not like the ministers and long to see them vote out, and for these people, they will assist the opp party as a government to rule Singapore if they care for the country. Singapore will not crumble without the existing incompetent expensive ministers but prosper without them.

    Truth be told even if there is “freak election”, I believe that the soldiers of Singapore will rather do the right thing than do thing right, after all , they too suffer like ordinary people under the Lee regime

  9. JOHN said

    The PAP are now evaiding accounbility question posed by opposition parties such as high cost of living, influx of foreigners graping of jobs, minimum wages, jammed pack at public transportation such as MRT snd bus,Mas Selamat escapee and living no stone untouched, poor investment by government leading to huge losses suffered earlier, certain town councils did the same thing as investing their reserve funds that causes millions of dollars losses the same.

    Now the ruling party telling us to look back what they have achieved over the years. They want us to erase all the misdeeds happened in the last 5 to 8 years and in believing that we will ignore it if they do no response to opposition queries them on the word ‘Accountibility’.

    You have taken the highest paying job that no other countries could match here and you wanted us to continue voting for you. Is this suppose a joke meant for every Singaporean? We rather thread on uncertain water now as you have been tested but nothing show on your report card that our lives have improved. In China, those at age of 50 year old started talking of retirement – dancing in the parks, playing chess etc.,…. What did we see in Singapore? Old men and ladies clearing plates, cleaning tables to tables, washing toilets from age 55 to 65.

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