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CONTACT Singapore mass-importing foreign workers into Singapore

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 22, 2011

Posted by Coco Liyi on Yahoo News

Many Singaporean probably wonders how all these so called “foreign talents” can manage to get a job and settle into Singapore in such a short time and large number. The answer is CONTACT SINGAPORE.

According to its website, Contact Singapore is an alliance of the Singapore Economic Development Board and Ministry of Manpower. It aims to attract global talent to work, invest and live in Singapore.

With offices in Asia, Europe and North America, Contact Singapore is the one-stop centre for those who wish to pursue a rewarding career in Singapore, as well as individuals and entrepreneurs who are keen to invest in or initiate new business activities here.

Contact Singapore actively links Singapore-based employers with global talent and provides updates on career opportunities and industry developments in Singapore. We work with public and private sector partners to facilitate the interests of potential individual investors in Singapore.

A large recruitment drive in Shanghai by Contact Singapore was held on Sunday, 17th April 2011. The recruitment fair was held in the grand ballroom of Langham Hotel which is an upmarket five-star hotel located at Xintiandi, an affluent shopping, eating and entertainment district of Shanghai. Most applicants were pre-registered.

There were nine Singapore-based MNCs and Singapore local companies participating in the fair. Some of the participating companies included Panasonic Asia Pacific, MediaTek, UniConnect, DBS Bank, OCBC, UOB, Far East Organization and others. Most of the companies were observed to have tables with staff manning and answering questions.

Companies also took turns to give “recruitment talks” inside the auditorium. There were free flow of refreshments served by waiters and waitresses. I doubt our government will provide this type of five-star service to help our graduating students and out-of-job PMETs to get jobs.

At a TV forum on 12 Apr, They said that the Government is controlling the inflow of foreigners and watching them “carefully” on their impact to Singapore. Five days later, they decided to have the largest recruitment drive for foreigners in Shanghai. The next Contact Singapore Welcome Session is in Chennai (below)

29 April 2011 – Chennai (Chennai)
17 April 2011 – Shanghai (China)
09 April 2011 – Manila (Philippines)

If you need to find out more, just do a search on “Contact Singapore shanghai”..4 users liked this comment:

“Contact Singapore” Was NEVER Mentioned on state TV?


3 Responses to “CONTACT Singapore mass-importing foreign workers into Singapore”

  1. jason said

    this is just ridiculous….

    • Te said

      Have anyone check on the IP of the website? It’s a Canada website, with unknown server. Sometimes a bit of investigation is needed before spreading it out. Check it out NOW before the website is gone.

  2. tesp22 said

    Has anyone checked on the IP address of the website? It’s an IP residing in Canada of unknown server. Sometimes, a bit of investigation is needed before spreading it.

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