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Why so many negative comments against PAP online?

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 21, 2011

It is totally incredible, everywhere you go online on the internet, any discussion topic or any news with comments option, 90% of the comments are very negative against PAP. Some even goes down to ill mannered vulgarities hurled at PAP. It is as if the entire nation is fed up with PAP and wanted them out of parliament.Is it that bad for PAP? Why is the ground online is so overwhelming against PAP? Hasn’t PAP come out to say that they have controlled the influx of foreigners into the country? Hasn’t the official media come out to say that in a survey conducted the great influx of foreigners into Singapore is not the main issue but rising cost is the main issue? However, a quick survey online, shows many people lambasting the PAP for the great influx of foreigners marginalizing fellow Singaporeans and making Singaporeans feel they are the ones who are foreigners in their own country, making Singaporeans very afraid of losing their jobs and being afraid of poor job prospect for their children under PAP’s rule.

Something definitely doesn’t gel here. If rising cost is the main issue then most negative online comments should be on rising cost but that doesn’t look like it to any observer. There are far far more complaints of PAP foreign talent policy than rising costs complaints. Some even feel that “A vote for PAP is a vote for their foreign talents not for Singaporeans”. Somebody has to be right and somebody has to be wrong. Is it really rising cost the main issue or great influx of foreigners the main issue or both?

If the great influx of foreigners is the main issue, with PM, SM and other ministers one by one coming out to say they are reducing this inflow of foreigners into Singapore, then the public should be appeased and there should therefore be lesser vitriolic comments against PAP. But apparently this is not the case, the negative comments are continuing unabated and in fact as more people get online on board to seek some views before the election, more negative comments are coming online.

It would seem that the general public cannot trust PAP to control this influx of foreigners into Singapore for if they trust PAP to do a good job controlling the influx of foreigners competing for jobs in Singapore then very logically negative comments against PAP should dropped but again it didn’t. It looks like it is not enough just to say the inflow of foreigners will be controlled in the future. Observers are wondering if it is enough that some heads be sacrificed and sincere apologies offered for mismanagement on this great influx of foreigners to appease the general public otherwise all these negative comments against PAP is very unhealthy and detrimental to any ruling party eventually. 

What do you think? Is it that bad for PAP? Why is the general public not trusting PAP on controlling the great influx of foreigners competing for jobs in the country? Has PAP shoot itself in the foot? Has PAP mixed up quality of life with economic growth at all costs? Share your views.

Source(s): Singapore Chat Forum Discussion Thread

21 Responses to “Why so many negative comments against PAP online?”

  1. Unemployed Citizen said

    The foreign talent grew from one that brings in selected talents to help develop the Singapore economy to one of massive influx straining our services and infrastructure. This influx has become a blunt tool for the PAP to grow the GDP by increasing the workforce headcount. The effects has been detrimental for ordinary Singaporeans who saw their wages depressed, cost of living go up and increasing structural unemployment as employers become less willing to keep older workers because they can import younger foreign ones.

  2. Jamey Jesta said

    The Damage has been done an it is so point saying you will control the influx of foreigners just because it’s election time…a system should have been in place….the huge influx of china, Indian and Filipino immigrants has been like a 3 pointed dagger plunged into sinaporeans….we are a country with national service…our children give up 2 years of their important phase in life to the govt… And this is how the govt repays us ? It’s an insult…it’s a bigger insult if you try to silence the anger by petty growth dividends….damage is done…you never apologized or sacked anyone…in fact they still think they are right….

  3. MdAlias said

    After 45 years of manipulation, cronism instilling fear on the people, I am sure that anyone of sound mind will not be dictated for another 5 years.

    Lee Kuan Yew should just trust his people and retire but that will NEVER happen because he’s crazy for power.

    People’s Action Party had made too many mistakes and instead of apologising for their errors time and time again, they cover it up thinking that Singaporeans will just forget and move on. We may be daft but definitely not an idiot.

  4. Lua KT said

    I am shocked at your poor understanding of the problems that some of our citizens are facing!

    Increase of cost of living is incremental. To day, I took a mee for $3.00. Tomorrow I pay $3.50. I can complain but it is OK. I am still surviving.

    But what will happen if my foreign boss in the public sector takes aways my job and give it to his country man or other foreigner? I have an immediate problem. Government may promise me to control the influx of foreigners, but it is too late.

  5. sunshine66 said

    Many people are disillusioned by PAP’s talk.

    PAP has said
    – Housing is affordable.
    – There are enough jobs for all
    – Wages have risen well.
    – We will enter the world cup finals.
    – We have a standard of living on par with the Swiss.
    – That the public will be acknowledged in decision-making

    Although there are some promises that the PAP has fulfilled, there are not a few promises that they have not fulfilled – thus the disillusionment of the common man.

    Furthermore, many people realize that the PAP is fond of sweet talk before elections.

    Thus, talk may not be enough anymore.

  6. NoHopeNoFuture said

    The “hard truth” on the ground is that Singaporeans are still seeing foreigners around them (in their own work place) obtaining PR-ship within 3-6 months of coming to work in Singapore. Thus the general sentiment is that the news or statements made by the ministers and/or state media are not to be trusted.

  7. =) said

    Cause.. Looking at the previous GE, the things they said, they things that they have done, I believe that most people had enuff.. =)

  8. Angullia said

    I have read many postings in the web and have seen the vitriol against the PAP government and I have felt its hurt.
    I would like to despense it by calling the expression as the current election fervour that is going about till the time of election.
    But I must agree that the cost of living has tripled exponantially and it has bitten the financial capability of many middle class and the poor. I expect the present PAP with all its capable leaders to respond by allaying the fear of the general public to this issue. Sad to say (I may be wrong) that I have not perceived that they have done anything strongly to allay this fear of the general public.
    Yes it is their right to increase the election deposit (the highest in the world) but I question whether it is the right time to do it. Would it not add to the already high cost the people had to bear and inevitably add to the dilemma the people has already expressed and posted in the Web?
    Not unless the present PAP government think that the expressions in the web by the many are only rhetorics.
    I am beginning to wonder.

    • big sinep said

      Anguillia you’re a no-brainer. What gives the PAP the right to increase election deposits to $16,000 – the highest in the world. Don’t you see that it’s only their way to prevent the poorer individual independant candidates from registering because now he cannot afford it? Again I suppose if my salary and 8 months bonus works out to many millions a year I wouldn’t worry about the poor wretch who can’t affors $16,000.

  9. Angullia said

    Sorry I like to submit my comment again this time with spelling errors corrected:
    I have read many postings in the web and have seen the vitriol against the PAP government and I have felt its hurt.
    I would like to dispense it by calling the expression as the current election fervour that is going about till the time of election.
    But I must agree that the cost of living has tripled exponentially and it has bitten the financial capability of many middle class and the poor. I expect the present PAP with all its capable leaders to respond by allaying the fear of the general public to this issue. Sad to say (I may be wrong) that I have not perceived that they have done anything strongly to allay this fear of the general public.
    Yes it is their right to increase the election deposit (the highest in the world) but I question whether it is the right time to do it. Would it not add to the already high cost the people had to bear and inevitably add to the dilemma the people has already expressed and posted in the Web?
    Not unless the present PAP government thinks that the expressions in the web by the many are only rhetoric.
    I am beginning to wonder.

  10. ris8059 said

    Folks recognize the rationale argument PAP has offered on foreign talent, ie. it comes with the growth territory. However, emotionally, they still don’t like it. Not fun having to order food in Chinese only, riding in crowded public transportation

  11. Paalu said

    The election is not about Rising Costs or costs of housing or ERP or foreigners or lapses in organising the YOG games or not being able to predict the housing requirements due to the influx of foreigners or all the above mentioned by writers above.

    The election is about the PAP commanding and controlling Singaporeans all these times through the injection of fear (fear of losing out, fear of the unknown, fear of losing jobs, fear of everything). People cannot stomach the control anymore. The need to control comes from FEAR. They have been running the nation like a boot camp due to the deeply engrained and deeply rooted fear inbuilt in the minds of people. The PAP is unable to accept anybody who has differing views although they try to project the image that they are listening. They are too dependent on the mechanism and system that they have created and forgotten that the system was created by the themselves.

    They also mention that they have the best team in the whole of Singapore. People cannot understand how you could have exhausted all avenues to select candidates (most of them tend to be Generals in the army or civil servants). These candidates have been trained not to go against anything. Just follow and you will prosper. These candidates usually get a walkover, based on past elections. Look at Hougang and Potong Pasir. The PAP has not been able to take the constituencies back after so many elections.

  12. ex-PAP supporter said

    What I think the issue boils down to is that during the economic downturn when jobs were lost, the government said that it was a global phenomenon and nothing much could be done about it. They thought long and hard for a solution, and the idea that they settled for was the casinos! Now, you do not need to be a rocket scientist or command a salary of millions of dollars to come up with such a ROTTEN idea. The party that had prided itself on farsightedness traded in a quick fix for a long term social problem. And up to now we have not been told to what extent the casinos actually created jobs for Singaporeans.

    Introducing casinos as the PAP’s solution for job creation simply signaled to everyone that they were bankrupt of ideas. What will PAP do at the next economic downturn? Bring in more casinos? I had voted PAP all my life (whenever my constituency was contested), but now I am no longer sure they are the party for the future. I am 75% convinced I will not vote PAP, but will have to see which opposition party & candidates contest in my constituency to make my final decision.

  13. jax said

    obviously, u, the writer, are a firm pap supporter, from the fact tt u take for gospel truth the results of one survey, where the methodology has been picked apart as highly dubious, thus throwing doubt on its results! and the fact that u expect pple to shut up just becos the pap Claims it will slow the flow of foreigners.

    i take it you also believe that govt survey which claims that 92% of sporeans think the public transport system here is fine and dandy? this despite the huge crush and the huge hullabaloo abt the public transport system?

    you actually believe that the govt is going to bring in fewer foreigners when it is busily recruting them overseas right now? and there are news reports on this?

    that they are continuing to do so even though the current infrastructure is already so strained and it will take years to get it up to the std where it can accomodate the number of pple NOW? by the time all these additions are ready, there will be even more pple and it will be inadequate again!

    are u aware they have absolutely No ideas about how to raise productivity. they’v already failed once Royally on this score.

    you are obviously unbelieveably naive.

    i take it u are one of those who is perfectly happy with the ministers rewarding themselves so obscenely despite all the major mistakes they have made since 2006? that u actually believe soaring HDB prices is asset enhancement? and that hdb flats are affordable?

    obviously u will believe anything u’r told, including all the ridiculous accusations the pap levels at others and the totally illogical arguments it uses to argue its points.

    you also apparently enjoy pain in large amounts.

    try doing something simple like look at the pap’s 2006 manifesto and tell us how much of that has been achieved instead of simply prostrating yourself in front of the ruling party.

    btw, if there is one complaint that has been constant and loud in many, many comments and blogs its the disgusting amount the ministers pay themselves. have you perchance noticed that? it’s mentioned far more than foreigners and cost of living!!

    the next time u want to write one of your lordly pieces, try and get your facts right!

  14. Ken said

    I’m ok if our govt makes it tough for FTs to be PRs or citizens here with stringent criterias like for eg. when you would want to move to Australia, in this way you would truly appreciate and treasure the PR status, afraid of losing it and determined to commit in a positive way.

    But not ok when our govt is giving them out like free movie tickets, those FTs come for a couple of years, enjoy the perks, when they earned enough money/experience they’d either jump ship to another country or go back, the FT turnover rate is very high, everyday in the airports especially budget terminal you see them arriving and departing in planeloads.

    This sort of explains that most of these FTs are just like cowboys charging into town with guns in both hands blazing and as soon as they have looted enough they’d ride off to the next town or turn heads and go back.
    pap doesnt seem to realize or mind that SG under their policy is sort of like a testing circuit at best or desperate whore at worst in our attempt to woo these FTs.

  15. bigabang said

    u r right, I m 50+ and I also fedup of PAP, esp their GRC system against the oppo, they only come out near GE time promising u $$MM dollar project to revamp your estate, Look at rin tin tin, Goh CTong wants to sneak her in by the backdoor at Marine Parade or MacPerson,right? I sure vote Oppo.

  16. Z said

    it’s not so much the FT that’s the issue, but the establishment’s approach to FT.

    it’s not so much rising costs that’s the issue, but the establishment’s approach to economic growth.

    it’s not incredible that there are people unhappy with the establishment, but the lack of voters’ resolve behind the unhappiness.
    will the populace finally voice their views in the most practical of ways?

    search “vote my way” including quotes on YouTube, and watch the full video before deciding your vote.

  17. ws said

    Really? The public should be appeased by Ministers’ sweet talking and apologies? What the people need are real control measures not empty promises where no change in policy is being made! Fact is, FTs are everywhere and the policies currently in place are allowing PRs and citizenships to be given away too easily.

    Just to add on that their pay packet is INSANELY huge, but they are just not doing enough for the benefit of the people. Everything is for the sake of growth, but growth at what cost? I think it is fair to say that they have totally lost touch with the ground level, with the people which as public servants, they are supposed to serve. The way I see it, the people are serving them instead!

  18. RG said

    Some people say,”Aiyaaahhh….you think you give your vote to the opposition parties, things will get any difference?”

    Well…. Seriously I don’t know if there’s going to be any difference but we had already given our votes to the PAP in year 2006 and within these 5 years I am pretty sure you & me know the situation of Singapore. What can we lose now by giving the opposition parties a chance for the next 5 years? It is either better or worse, nobody knows. But if it is still PAP, we all know expenses continue to increase and living standard continues to go harder. My cousin who planned to get marry, she and her fiancé find the HDB price unaffordable. Another two cousins of mine who are graduated locally also having difficulties in getting a job. About two years back I experienced 3 months not getting a phone call for an interview after having submitted more than 40 job applications. Even “foreign friends” also telling me there are already too MANY foreigners here and they too, failed to receive any call up for an interview. They said having two casinos here will create more job opportunities….yes there are vacancies for security guards, carpark attendances, waiters and waitresses but even these jobs were taken up by large number of “foreigners”. So when our next generation cannot find any opportunity they will also leave the country and the parents, and be “foreign talents” of others.

    Many of us already married and have children. At this generation we already experienced the above and can you imagine what can be worse for your next generation? You can spend so much of money on your kids and hopefully they received good education and one fine day grow up, get a good job and settle down with a happy family. But then….problem is whether our children going to be able to survive and find any opportunity in such an overcrowded “MNC” ? Some foreigners say,” aiyaaahhh…..this is GLOBALIZATION lar! And only with a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural, political, and biological factors then your country can be recognized. Don’t be so petty lar, you Singaporeans not working hard enough that’s why you losing your rice bowl to foreigners.”

    Call us lazy or whatever, maybe we work not as hard as you think however we never give ourselves up. If you are any better than us, then you don’t even need to come to my country and fight with us over our jobs!

    Lately I have been thinking about it, truly it is time for a change.

  19. Eric said

    Hi tink tat gov should really help out wat we really need… Like i take loan from agh. as u all loan me in cpf but i must pay cash to cpf because i could not take the house in the end.. Nw i wish to take house again but cpf wan me pay e huge sum and interest…

  20. Eric said

    And I find cpf and hdb to help out the first ting is cannot tis cannot that… If u all really use heart to help out ren min i tink ren min will help out u all too

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