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PRC workers have to live in Hong Kong for 7 years before they can apply for residency

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 21, 2011

In a recent interview with National Geographic magazine, PAP strongman Lee Kuan Yew quipped it is a good thing that Singapore is welcoming so many Chinese immigrants as they are more ‘hard-driving’ and ‘hard-striving’ than Singaporeans.

The number of Chinese immigrants from mainland China has exploded in recent years with many of them being given Singapore PRs and citizenships.

For example, the state media reported one Zhang Yuanyuan from Beijing who became a Singapore PR within 2 months of application. Armed with a diploma from an unknown institution in China, Zhang had come to Singapore to work as a language teacher.

There were also stories of PRC hawkers, cleaners, construction workers, masseurs and even prostitutes being given Singapore PR and citizenships, which is unheard of elsewhere in the world.

Like Singapore, Hong Kong is a global economy which is heavily dependent on foreign trade and investments and yet Hong Kong has an extremely strict immigration and labor policy though it is just next to China.

In Hong Kong, foreigners can only be employed in certain sectors where there is a dearth of local workers such as the construction and cleaning industries. Even then, employers will have to show that they have tried to hire a Hong Konger to fill a position and are unable to do so after a period of time. Foreigners are not allowed to take up PMET jobs which are reserved solely for Hong Kongers.

For the small number of mainland Chinese working in Hong Kong, they have little chance of obtaining permanent residency there even if they may have children with Hong Kongers and have resided there in a number of years. A protest broke out in Hong Kong a few years ago by Chinese women who were sent back to China together with their Hong Kong-born kids because their applications for residency status were rejected by the Hong Kong SAR government.

Mainland Chinese are only allowed to apply for Hong Kong residency if they have lived in Hong Kong for a minimum of seven years unlike in Singapore, where they are given Singapore PR in less than a year after which they are allowed to purchase resale HDB flats.

Though there are no official statistics available, the number of PRC workers in Hong Kong appear to be less than that in Singapore. Unlike in Singapore, one can hardly find PRC bus drivers, engineers, clerks, hawkers, nurses and doctors in Hong Kong.

If Hong Kong were to adopt the same open-door policy to economic refugees from China like Singapore, mass protests will break out in Hong Kong the every next day demanding the resignation of its Chief Executive.

The difference between Hong Kong and Singapore is: The Hong Kong government is afraid of the people who have more political and civil rights than Singaporeans. And Hong Kong is only a self-governing Special Administrative Region of communist China.


2 Responses to “PRC workers have to live in Hong Kong for 7 years before they can apply for residency”

  1. Andrew Goh (Dr) said

    If the people are so unhappy with the Government’s policies, then vote them out of Parliament! That’s how democcracy works for the people.

  2. Mart said

    You dun understand Singaporeans. Most dunno about politics and short sighted. Thats how the “dangle the carrot in front of donkey” tatics worked for all these years.

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