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Political analyst: I have never seen the ground so polarized

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 21, 2011

Independent political analyst Dr Derek da Cunha warned that anti-PAP voters may turn to civil disobedience to bring out change if the opposition fail to win more than its current two seats in Parliament.

“I have never seen the ground so polarised as it is today. Those who are against the government and its polices are vehemently so. It will get worse if these people are not represented in Parliament”, he told Yahoo News.

With the next election looming ahead, anti-PAP sentiments are rising with each passing day as netizens vent their frustrations, unhappiness and anger in cyberspace.

Unlike 2006, the ground has shifted against the PAP this time round which was acknowledged lately by Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

As an example, PAP newbie candidate Tin Pei Ling was flamed mercilessly by netizens for her young age and apparent lack of substance when she was introduced as a candidate. In contrast, 24 year old NSP candidate Nicole Seah was welcomed warmly by netizens.

Many Singaporeans are simply peeved by the way the PAP has run the country for the last few years. The relentless influx of foreigners, rising cost of living, sky-rocketing HDB flat prices, stagnating income, low domestic purchasing power and widening income gap between the rich and the poor are all the inevitable results of the PAP’s ‘grow at all cost’ policies.

It remains to be seen whether the groundswell of support for the opposition in cyberspace will translate into votes on polling day as Singapore heads towards what is probably a watershed election in its history.

3 Responses to “Political analyst: I have never seen the ground so polarized”

  1. Singaporean said

    Unfortunately the PAP is still in denial. The “deaf-frog” syndrome described by Lim Swee Say is alive and well.

    Their manifesto on youtube has the comments section disabled.

    Lui Tuck Yew tells Ms Tin to treat online
    criticisms as “noise”.

    Lim Boon Heng can only cry when he has no good answers in response to PAP being accused of “groupthink”.

    Teo Chee Hean questions the motive of successful and patriotic Singaporeans like Chen
    Show Mao who wants to serve Singapore by joining the Worker’s Party.

    All the opposition parties have shown remarkable solidarity, encourged and cajoled by netizens, to avoid 3 corner fights.

    We need a Singapore for Singaporeans. And only the opposition seems to hear us.

  2. OC said

    Sorry but Singaporeans have only themselves to blame; after all they gave green light to the ruling party for the last 50 years so why should PAP take recent negative feedback that occurs during election period seriously??

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