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PM Lee: Foreigners help create more ‘good’ jobs for Singaporeans

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 21, 2011

In a sign that the PAP regime is still living in self-denial mode, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong praised foreigners for helping create more ‘good’ jobs for Singaporeans.

In a speech made at the official opening of IMFlash’s US$3 billion high tech electronics plant in Woodlands today, Prime Minister Lee claimed that six in ten of the film’s employees are ‘Singaporeans and permanent residents.’ and Singapore residents also take up two-thirds of the managerial and professional positions.

“Without the foreign workers, we would not have attracted this US$3 billion investment, and Intel and Micron would have built its wafer fab elsewhere. But by allowing in a controlled number of foreign workers, far from disadvantaging Singaporean workers, we have created more good jobs for Singaporeans,” said Mr Lee.

The statistics quoted by PM Lee are misleading because they include both Singapore citizens and PRs and hence we do not know if the film has created more jobs for Singapore citizens or foreigners.

Furthermore, given the ease in which foreigners are granted Singapore PR by the PAP regime, the majority of the film’s employees may be foreigners with only a small percentage of the jobs going to Singapore citizens.

PM Lee should reveal the exact number of Singapore citizens and foreigners, including PRs who are employed by IMFlash to substantiate his empty boast that “Singaporeans have benefitted from good jobs created by the Government’s policy of allowing in a ‘controlled’ number of foreign workers.”

It appears that PM Lee is ignoring the genuine concerns of Singaporeans at the relentless influx of foreigners and is completely out of touch with the ground.

According to a Wall Street Journal editorial in January 2010, the rapid inflow of foreigners has depressed the wages of ordinary Singaporeans, increased the cost of living, especially that of public housing and led to an overall decrease in the standard of living in Singapore.

Foreigners now make up 40 percent of Singapore’s population, up from 14 percent in 1990. Of the remaining 60 percent who are citizens, an increasing number are born overseas.

The next general election may be the last window of opportunity for native Singaporeans to reclaim ownership of their own country. The PAP’s present immigration policies are likely to continue if it forms the government again and Singaporeans will soon be relegated to being minorities in their own country of birth.

One Response to “PM Lee: Foreigners help create more ‘good’ jobs for Singaporeans”

  1. Daft Opposition said

    What kind of warped fucking logic is this – from ‘a’ PM. I vomit and poooo.

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