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Former grassroots leader and psychiatrist may stand for SDP

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 21, 2011

Former senior grassroots leader and psychiatrist Dr Ang Yong Guan may stand for the coming general election on a SDP ticket, according to a report by the state media.

Dr Ang was a former chairman of the management committee of Punggol Community Club, and secretary of the Kampong Kembangan citizens’ consultative committee (CCC). He received two National Day Awards: a Public Service Medal for social and community service in 1995 and a Public Administration Medal – Military (Bronze) in 1996.

A psychiatrist by profession, Dr Ang spent 23 years in the Singapore Armed Forces, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel and at one point, headed the psychological medicine branch. He left the army to start his own practice in 2003, and now runs a clinic at Paragon Medical.

Dr Ang’s possible candidacy for the SDP marks a remarkable turn-around for the party which has been brought close to the brink of dissolution by multiple lawsuits lodged against it by PAP leaders and a relentless smear campaign orchestrated by the state media to demonize it.

The SDP will be contesting in 2 GRCs and 2 SMCs in the election. Besides Dr Ang, it boasts of several high-profile credible candidates such as Dr Vincent Wjeysingha, who impressed Singaporeans with his performance at a CNA Live Forum lately.

The ground appears to have shifted towards the opposition with several former government scholars and civil servants joining the ranks of the opposition.

With public anger against its policies at an all-time high, the ruling PAP is facing its toughest electoral battle to date.

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