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Plights of a middle-aged and a young Singaporean

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 20, 2011

From Yahoo News


I am very disappointed with the Govt this time round. You know, of late MOM sent out a labour force survey to understand the ground recently.

That time I was still jobless and to make end meets, i did ad-hoc works making barely $500/mth or worst $0 if I did not get any assignments at all.

Someone from the ministry called and queried about my unemployment status. After telling her that I did some ad-hoc works to tide over my living expenses, she insisted that i do not belong to unemployment category.

To me this is very misleading, I wonder how many people out there are branded employed by MOM irregardless how much you earn every month, part time or ad-hoc work.

I have been actively earching for a full time jobs but to no avail even in GOV wedsite. I am already 40 plus (Dip), did 2-1/2 yrs NS, completed 13 cycle reservist but in the end what did I get? Low salary and job competition from FT.

They have clearly lost touch of the common people. I need 2nd voice, I need check and balance for the benefit of fellow Singaporean.

Jacob Lim:

I am a young Singaporean who just came back to Singapore after working more than 3 years overseas. On my return, I had to compete with 2 Fillipinos for a job position here.

It is not an unskilled, low paying job but a job paying more than 10k a month. So much for the govt’s claims that the influx of foreigners are to fill in on low to mid level jobs and will not compete with Singaporeans for positions.

Eventually, I did managed to land the job but it sure does not paint a good picture of the Singapore now compared to the Singapore which I know of 5 years back.

I am immensely worried for the younger generation of singaporeans who have not yet step out to society, they are in for really tough times as they would have to compete with Fillipinos, Indians, Chinese from Mainland China who are all willing to dive their rates to get the job they want.


One Response to “Plights of a middle-aged and a young Singaporean”

  1. Scholar said

    My last job in a MNC, the HR is an American, my boss is an Aussie, my colleague are Hk-ers, mainland chinese, Indians, blangadesh…and everything there is a retrenchment, Singaporeans will usually ask to go. at the end I am the only Singaporean left. When we wanted to hire someone, the Indians will start suggesting to Aussie boss that how good his friends are in Indians, and openly criticize how lousy most singaporeans are.. This Indian has choosen to take up citizenship, but his wife still holding the Indian citizenship. Every 1 or 2 months you can hear him buying some property in India.. Other than writing emails, chairing meetings and politics, I don’t see why Singapreans can’t do his job..

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