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Nicole Seah versus Tin Pei Ling in Marine Parade GRC

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 20, 2011

Controversial PAP newbie candidate Ms Tin Pei Ling will be facing an electoral battle in Marine Parade GRC against 24 year old Nicole Seah from the National Solidarity Party (NSP) who has announced her candidacy on Facebook:

Ms Seah is a 24 year-old executive with a multinational advertising agency. She graduated with an honours degree from the National University of Singapore, under the University Scholars’ Programme. Prior to that, she spent most of her education within the Marine Parade precinct, having graduated from Victoria Junior College, Tanjong Katong Secondary School and CHIJ Katong.

The attractive Nicole has been making waves in cyberspace since announcing her candidacy. The number of friends on her Facebook increased by almost a thousand in less than a day.

While Ms Tin was flamed mercilessly by netizens for her apparent lack of ‘substance’ and ‘experience’, Ms Seah appeared to have won over young Singaporeans with many expressing support for her candidacy on her Facebook wall.

The rest of the NSP team for Marine Parade has not been announced though it was rumored that its two former government candidates Tony Tan Lay Thiam and Hazel Poa may be contesting.

Marine Parade GRC, previously a PAP fortress, may face its toughest electoral contest to date if NSP fields its ‘A’ team in it.

In an interview with the state media, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong revealed that the unpopular Tin Pei Ling was ‘offered’ to her by the Prime Minister. Though he claimed to welcome Ms Tin into his team, he acknowledged that negative public perception can cause candidates to lose elections.

It will be an interesting contest between the two ‘Mei Meis’ to see who can win the hearts of Generation Y voters.


27 Responses to “Nicole Seah versus Tin Pei Ling in Marine Parade GRC”

  1. Linda said

    2 young Ah Moi treating the whole political entry like going to zouk… aiyooh we need experienced individuals, not candidates attracting male votes,

    • rolento said

      we also need people who can click with the voters from age group 18-26. if you read what nicole has written in her facebook so far, she appears to be a better candidate than TPL and even some of our “experienced” ministers.

    • W said

      i believe the WP fielded Nicole Seah because she had proved herself worthy to join politics instead of capitalizing on her gender to attract male voters’ attention..

  2. Zaba said

    You Go Girl….

  3. SgpInForeignLand said

    Netizens once criticized TPL for her immaturity and now, we see a 24yo being featured by NSP. Are you guys serious about improving the lives of Singaporeans?!?

  4. Vernon Voon said

    I would vote for Nicole. She comes across as more personable.

  5. Amran said

    @Linda, Nicole is not just an ordinary Ah Moi, she is a well educated young lady who happen to have the look and brain. Can’t say much about Tin Pei Ling though…

    • James said

      Why are you bringing her “look” into the picture? Surely we don’t elect MPs based on looks.

      Tin Pei Ling served for 7 years in grassroots… all Nicole Seah did was run a publication in university. -.-

  6. Kev said

    Tin Pei Ling was lambasted on grounds of her immaturity of speech and response to public media. Nicole Seah however was not just pretty, but welcomed on the basis of her desire to serve in opposition despite the pay cut and also, because of a personable nature. I think that the latter quality of being able to strike a rapport with the people on the ground is very important, because it allows for better and fairer policies to be made. Age is just a number, and it is more the maturity and character that counts. Wasn’t Bill Clinton purportedly the youngest US president ever, but he still left behind a legacy as a president who was endeared by the masses(for good or for bad)?

  7. Allan W K said

    I love to see a debate between the 2 young ladies and see for oursleves who is a better choice for the people.

  8. NS Citizen said

    Sorry can anyone advice if Ms. Tin is also a scholar like Ms. Seah or just well connected? If only well connected then my support goes to Ms. Seah. Thanks.

  9. littlefish said

    Wonder will the sentiment be the same if Nicole is running for PAP and TPL for NSP? Is it a case of double standard? My 2 cents worth – Life is never fair and the ruling party must accept the harsh reality of high expectation, coupled with negative sentiments on (1) rising cost of living (especially housing), (2) foreign talent issues, (3) controversial IRs and (4) an increasing “yearning” for a political diversity.

  10. History teacher said

    Those would be Teddy Roosevelt and JFK, actually. Though their legacies are even better than Clinton’s, so…

  11. A gor said

    Wow…This Nicole is really chio lor! TPL is not a mei mei at all! You guys cannot put them on an equal platform. Come on lah…which guy think that TPL is chio bu better go get their eyes checked!
    In terms of brains/substance, TPL did not impress me however I havent heard/seen Nicole yet.
    In terms of guts….Nicole got guts…I like! She join opposition…not like TPL who can joined PAP as candidate because of her “relationship”(at least this is what the public) thinks.

    So please lah….dun compare TPL whith Nicole Seah…Ma ciam compare Ferrari(Nicole) and Proton Saga (TPL) like that! Be fair to Nicole please!!

    • Does Nicole Seah have substance?

      • GenX Singaporean said

        @ Daphne: Thanks for the above link.
        From the site @ Kent Ridge Common, it seemed apparent that Nicole Seah already knew what she wanted since her NUS days. Her focus, energy and passion then had already determined her path towards politics and serve as the alternative voice. That passion is what the people need in their constituency’s representative in parliament.
        As for Tin Pei Ling, although 2-3 years older than Nicole, her greatest regret was not being able to bring her parents to Universal Studio?! Hmmm… how to ever draw any comparison between these two young ladies?

  12. Arch said

    Dont care chio or not. Can rule Sillypore can liao. But she really chio ah.

  13. beauty said

    now we have a beauty contest in MarineParade …. better than lau Goh talking cock all time.

    Must take my hats off to nicole ……she has so much guts than most ppl in Sg.

    She has brains guts and looks…………….looks she got my vote for sure.

  14. SingaporeForever said

    I feel that both candidates do not have an advantage over the other as individuals.

    However politically, NSP took advantage of the situation that PAP created. PAP did not prepare well, perhaps they did not anticipated the backlash. They fielded TPL, a 27 y.o and she got flamed. Now NSP, took advantage of the situation by fielding an equally young candidate and using this to compare and seek popularity vote. It is a good move by the opposition. Strategically a good move! However, I am sure the voters will not be just swayed by this. They will think carefully what both individual can clearly do for them in their district.

    At this moment, both candidates are equal and similar. There is also a tweet going around about Nicole swearing and stuff. Also a blog on her. Both are young individuals after all.

    So Fellow Singaporeans, please think a bit more before passing a judgment.

  15. buckaroo said

    Only If She Can Run East Coast GRC. Sigh!

  16. Wei Wei said

    While it is good that so many well educated and qualified Opposition candidates are standing, the Opposition must guard against PAP playing divide and rule by exploiting the disunity amongst the Opposition parties to split their votes. Don’t under-estimate PAP’s formidable well funded election machinery, their unfair advantage and ‘dirty’ tactics.

  17. OP said

    This round opposition candidates are veri well educated, much better than PAP candiates. So is time for them to win GRC.

  18. Truth said

    In most rallies, members can get carried away and say things
    without thinking of the consequences.
    Be mindful that defamtion/libel is awaiting, for anyone, anywhere, for even the slightest of wrong choice of words.

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