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Lim Swee Say warns Singaporeans not to ‘gamble’ by voting for the opposition

Posted by singaporege2011 on April 20, 2011

With public opposition against its rule at an all-time high, PAP leaders have resorted to the usual fear-mongering tactics to coerce Singaporeans to vote for them.

PAP Minister without portfolio Lim Swee Say issued an ominous warning to Singaporeans via a Chinese tabloid that they should not ‘gamble’ by voting for the opposition.

“When you entered the casino, the bet is money. The election is different. When you cast your vote, your bet cannot be measured using money. It concerns the entire future of Singapore and hence the bet is very big,” he was quoted as saying in Mandarin.

Mr Lim does not seem to understand that when one’s future has already been ruined by the PAP’s failed policies, any gamble is worth a try.

Under 5 years of PAP rule since 2006, the wages and domestic purchasing power of Singaporeans have remained stagnant while the cost of living has risen exponentially, especially that of public housing which has almost doubled.

The relentless influx of foreigners not only lead to infrastructure problems such as overcrowding in public transport, but also dilute the sense of belonging among Singaporeans.

Till today, PAP leaders are still living in self-denial mode, completely ignorant of why so many Singaporeans are angry with the government.

It is too great a gamble for Singaporeans to take by continuing to support the incumbent. We cannot afford another five years of PAP rule with another shipload of foreigners reaching our shores and competing with us for jobs, schools and flats.

One Response to “Lim Swee Say warns Singaporeans not to ‘gamble’ by voting for the opposition”

  1. WP_4EVER said

    tell zorro clown lim sporean been gambling on PAP for more than 50 yrs and the result is NEGATIVE with MISERY! so sporean dont want to lose any more & no more faith….. it time we put our stakes to the OPPOSITION for betterer outcome!

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